The RNC warns that the panel will advise presidential candidates to oppose the debate unless they make “significant reforms.”

Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel advised the Presidential Debate Committee on Tuesday that the RNC would not participate in CPD-sponsored debates unless “significant reforms” were made. Then he warned.

Important reason: McDaniel’s letter Participants in the Independent Forum follow up on some of the complaints made by President Donald Trump last year on perceived issues.

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What they are saying: McDaniel wrote that the first debate took place after early voting began in several states. She also pointed out that CBP plans to install a plexiglass shield, but Trump. Identified the problem of reflection and said, “[テレビでの彼のバックグラウンドにこだわる][T[hankstohisbackgroundintelevision”andcaughtthe”error”intime”[t[hankstohisbackgroundintelevision”andcaughtthe”error”intime

  • “The repeated mistakes of CPD and the partisan behavior of its board members are that the organization no longer provides a fair and impartial forum for presidential debate that the law requires and deserves for the American people. Has revealed, “McDaniel wrote.

  • “Our earnest wish is for CPD to accept this criticism and correct its mistakes.

If not, RNC has no choice but to advise future Republican candidates not to participate in CPD-sponsored debates, and RNC has this issue in front of the American public in a forum where candidates are neutral and nonpartisan. Will look for other options for discussing. “

What to watch: McDaniel told CPD that he would hold at least one debate before the start of early voting, limit the term of the board, prohibit committee members from publicly speaking candidates, and speak. Requested CPD to respond to change requests such as disciplinary action by July 31

Deeper: Mr. Trump criticizes Presidential Debate Committee for being “extremely prejudiced”

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