The Royal Summit to Determine the Future of the Monarchy, led by Prince Charles and Prince William

Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge join the royal family at the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh-Wire Image

Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge join the royal family at the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh-Wire Image

Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge will hold a summit to determine the future of the monarchy over the next two generations. Death of Prince Edinburgh..

In consultation with the Queen, the next two kings of the United Kingdom will decide how many full-time working members the royal family should have, who they are and what they should do.

With the death of Prince Phillip, the royal family has an immediate question of how and how to redistribute the hundreds of patrons he held.

on the other hand, Duke of Sussex and Duchess decide to withdraw from royal missionOnly confirmed last month after a one-year “review period”, he had to rethink who should support sovereigns in the most notable roles.

Royal Insiders say that sponsorship and personnel issues are so closely linked that the two issues cannot be determined separately.

The Prince of Wales will play a leading role in the negotiations, as the decisions currently being made will have an impact over the coming decades. He revealed that his own heir, the Duke of Cambridge, needs to be involved at every stage, as the major decision made by Prince Charles, 72, will follow Prince William’s reign.

Countess Wessex, who was more prominent than most other members of the royal family in the days leading up to Duke’s funeral, is expected to close the gap left by the departure of the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess. Engagement to collect.

However, they have already performed a significant number of royal missions, with 544 in the past year before Covid attacked. That is, it cannot absorb all the work left by Sussex and the absence of the Duke of York. As a result of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, he continues to effectively retire.

In 2019, Sussexes and Duke completed 558 engagements between them. It leaves the royal family to carry out a full review of how their official duties are carried out.

Not only are there three fewer people calling, but if the Duke of Edinburgh, Sussex, and perhaps the Duke of York retire, we need to decide what to do with hundreds of supporters and military titles.

According to royal sources, the Queen, Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge will discuss how the monarchy will evolve over the next few weeks and months.

The issue has been at the height of the betrayal of the Queen and Prince of Wales, respectively, since the one-year review period on the future of the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess’ royal family ended last month, but poor health and subsequent death. Prince Phillip forced them to put the matter on hold.

Farewell to the Queen and the Country: Prince Phillip's Funeral, Told in 24 Photos

Farewell to the Queen and the Country: Prince Phillip’s Funeral, Told in 24 Photos

Prince of Wales For a long time supported a slimmer monarchyOriginally modeled on seven tight cores: Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall. Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

Prince Harry has no direct succession, but his role was to support the monarch until the children of the Duke of Cambridge were old enough to succeed to the throne.

According to royal sources, Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge need to decide, with the help of the Queen, whether the monarchy will continue the traditional model of thousands of engagements each year. -Reduce the number of thyme and part-time working royalty, or engagement and sponsorship, and use fewer members of the family to carry them out.

One source said: The number of engagements and sponsorships they can undertake. “

While the Prince of Wales followed the traditional model by performing more than 500 engagements each year, the Duke of Cambridge favors a more targeted approach to performing 220 missions in 2019.

He believes that by limiting the number of organizations that support him, he can make more meaningful contributions to each.

This suggests a gradual transition from as many as 15 active members of the royal family, who perform more than 3,000 engagements a year, to a small number of senior members who pay more attention to a small number of people, perhaps in decades. I am. Cause.

Insiders said that any change would occur gradually, not “gradual change,” according to the royal’s credible evolutionary method, not the revolution.