The ruthless persecution of Tamara Lich



If the largest unjust persecutor of Canadian citizens is awarded an annual award, the main candidate for receiving it in 2022 is Tamara Lich on her involvement in a free convoy protesting Ottawa’s vaccine order. Responsible for the relentless persecution of. ..

The persecutor’s behavior in this case may be described by the nasty word “not conscientious.” This means barbaric, excessive, exorbitant, ridiculous, uncivilized, unethical, unfair and unjust.

Record that Tamara is a woman and a Métis heritage, as the Trudeau government’s attitude towards individual Canadians is highly dependent on their gender and race. With these characteristics, Tamara was now ferocious as a free martyr by the Trudeau Liberal Party and became the subject of a sympathetic feature-length documentary if she had been captured by the conservative government for being involved in a left-wing protest. Probably. CBC has been awarded honorary degrees from several universities and has been nominated for the Order of Canada.

Instead, she was unfairly arrested and handcuffed in February for joining a legitimate public protest against false federal policy, and by two muscular murder detectives at the Carleton Remand Center (its). Internally described as a hole in hell) was transferred. She was imprisoned there for 18 days.

After several delays, she was finally granted a bail hearing, handcuffed and entered the courtroom with security guards. Don’t let her five-foot-high grandmother try to escape bold custody. Such hearings, even in the most severe cases, usually take only a few hours, but Tamara’s bail hearings last all day, and the prosecution has enough graphic details to rehearse the accused’s allegations of guilt. Gave me an opportunity. Courtroom, but of legacy media.

Regarding the bail hearing and the imprisonment of the accused while waiting for them, Tamara’s treatment is in contrast to the federal government’s treatment of children’s gloves on Meng Wanzhou. More serious than any accusation against Tamara. Of course, from the Trudeau government’s point of view, rough treatment of Meng Wanzhou may have offended the Chinese communist government, but rough treatment of Tamara Lich only offends Canadians.

Time and space do not allow Tamara to fully list all subsequent resentments and infringements here. The conditions were mainly by the prosecutor for canceling and insulting her, being charged with bail violations for being involved in accepting the George Jonas Freedom Award from the Judicial Center for Constitutional Freedom. After being exposed to a fourth rude harag, he was shown to be a continuous financial supporter of the Federal Liberal Party and promised a long trial that could be postponed until 2023 or 2024. In her current situation of being further imprisoned while waiting to be done.

None of this says that everything about the Freedom Convoy protest and the people who were attracted to it was completely defensive and legitimate. Bright light always attracts some bugs, but that’s not the reason for breaking the light source. Therefore, in this case, a formal inquiry is required before the impartial arbiter (more on this later) in order to classify the facts from fabrication.

However, this all prompts two more questions.

First, to defend Tamara with the strength and number that politicians responsible for the frauds committed in Tamara will pay the final political price for their rude behavior, the defeat in polls. Who will get together? Indeed, Tamara’s defenders should include not only truck drivers, but all independent companies and workers whose activities and income have been compromised by unjustified blockades. Her advocates include the Métis nation of Canada (she is one of you), the good people of Medicine Hat (she is one of you), and the good people of Alberta (she is one of us). Must be included. And her advocates should include Canadian libertarians and all those whose constitutionally guaranteed rights have been unfairly violated by the government and have been resolved that such infringement will never be tolerated. ..

Second, will the person responsible for the ruthless persecution of Tamara Lich ever be held accountable? My answer is “yes”. The circle of justice shatters very slowly, showing how this is likely to happen. With the change of Trudeau’s administration, his successor is obliged to instigate the National Investigation Commission on Canada’s response to the COVID crisis demanded by more and more Canadians. Perhaps it was held under the provisions of federal investigation law, and the commissioner empowered to summon those responsible for implementing all health protection measures imposed by the government, including those that led to free convoys and arrests. Will be Tamara Rich.

After swearing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, the first officials asked are, in the case of Tamara, arresters, Carlton prison guards, and lower class officials. The bureaucrats involved. Everything is asked the simple question, “Why did you do what you did?” Of course, the predictable answer would be, “We just obeyed the orders.” Then there is the question, “Who gave you those orders?” And that question is relentlessly asked and answered over and over again, so the investigation slowly crawls up the bureaucratic ladder layer by layer until it finally reaches the top political prisoner-just a few. Investigation into the Watergate scandal began at the bottom of the year, but eventually arrived at the Attorney General’s and US President’s offices.

In the case of Tamara Lich, justice must ultimately be provided. And when that happens, all of us will be very grateful to her for her patient and heroic endurance.

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Preston Manning


Preston Manning was a member of the Parliament of Canada from 1993 to 2001 and leader of the opposition from 1997 to 2000. He established two political parties, the Reform Party of Canada and the Reform and Conservation Alliance of Canada. Both became the official opposition of Parliament and led to the creation of the Conservative Party of Canada, which formed the federal government between 2004 and 2015.