The Ryder Cup “injury” envelope adds a new twist in the threat of COVID


Sheboygan, Wisconsin (AP) — Nodding to the COVID-19 pandemic this time can be more confusing than usual, as if the Ryder Cup captain’s suspense and secondary speculation hadn’t been enough in the last few years. I have.

Earlier, when the captains announced Sunday’s single-match lineup on Saturday night, they also had to submit so-called “injured” envelopes. It retained the name of the single player who was withdrawn if the opponent was unable to play and the match was declared a draw. The envelope was actually opened in the 1993 bell tower, where Scottish Sam Torrance had to withdraw due to a leg injury and played against Lanny Wadkins (named in a U.S. envelope). ) Was tied. It was late, but it didn’t stop the American victory.

But this year, given the potential for a positive COVID-19 test, US captain Steve Stricker and European counterpart Padraig Harrington will need to put three names in an envelope at the last minute. The question was whether one or more of these three players could be replaced and how the process worked.

Under the current agreement, Stricker can replace one player with anyone of his choice, from unplayed assistant captain Phil Mickelson to the player who jumped in at the last moment. Harrington’s choice will be more constrained. He must choose an alternative from the same qualification category as the player who was injured or excluded by the COVID-19 test.

The Sunday single is the only session everyone has to play in the Ryder Cup. The captain will send a team of four people to the morning and afternoon sessions on Friday and Saturday.

Harrington said he “exceeds the wage grades of the two captains” when it comes to whether and how captains choose multiple agents on the final day of the match.

“While we asked,” Harrington added after a while. “It’s not yet entirely clear what happens when we have it, but for one player, it’s very easy.”

In a statement that the Professional Golfers’ Association of America called “clarification” on Tuesday, the only thing that was clear was that the selection process for multiple shifts had not yet been finalized.

“In terms of multiple players showing positives on either one team or both teams, the scenario’s to determine the impact on the rider’s overall play without guessing the exact number. Accurate details will be evaluated by both organizations. Cup. “

In other words, the team and the PGA will only cross the bridge when it reaches it.


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