The San Francisco man is said to be responsible for half of the anti-Asian hate crimes in the city released from detention in 2021.

The man, who is allegedly responsible for more than half of all anti-Asian hate crimes recorded in San Francisco last year, has not been detained and is reportedly raising safety concerns throughout the community.

Derrick Barrett, 37, accused of targeting 20 Chinese-owned and seven other companies in Chinatown, Ingleside District, and Ocean Avenue Corridor from April to August 2021. It has been. Destroy store windows, as seen in some surveillance videos.

After his arrest, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office charged Barrett with a total of 33 crimes. Next Shark previously reported.. They include a 27 felony count for vandalism, four felony counts for two robbers, one misdemeanor count for possession of robbery tools, and one misdemeanor count for possession of hidden weapons. I did.

Of these accusations, 31 had hate crime enhancements. Barrett allegedly made racist statements to police, who suggested that he targeted the victims because they were Chinese.

This week, San Francisco City Authorities reported: Anti-Asian hate crime It increased by 567% from 2020 to 2021. Barrett’s 31 accounted for the majority of the total of 60 hate crimes reported last year.

Judges reportedly approved Barrett’s mental health diversion in September and on January 26. KPIX 5 He reported that he was not currently in custody because he was waiting to appear at the end of the month. His lawyer, Pam Helzig, told KPIX 5 that he had pleaded not guilty.

It is unknown exactly when Barrett was released.

“Help a 37-year-old man understand why a 37-year-old man is destroying 27 Asian businesses because of a mental illness,” wrote one Twitter user.

another “This sneaky career criminal has not been put in jail after being involved in property-damaging acts,” he said.

The news comes from community supporters criticizing the generosity of current criminal justice policies. Federal proceedings He allegedly made a judicial transaction with the perpetrator without his knowledge of the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

In New York, Governor Kathy Hokul told Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg that she was ready to use her power to reverse her generous approach to prosecution. Concerns about Bragg’s policy Appearing in the wake of Michelle Goh’s death, the attacker was found to have been arrested 10 times ago.

“I have choices, but I monitor the situation very carefully,” Hokuru said. New York post on Wednesday. “I know the governor’s power well — I’ll tell him what his plan is and tell him right away to make sure we’re all in agreement. Have a conversation with. “

Barrett is reported to return to court on Monday, January 31st.

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