The school district ends the boy’s manicure ban after a Texas student says he has been suspended

The Texas school district has ended its policy of banning boys from wearing manicure after students say he has been suspended.

Clyde Integrated Independent School District Board of Education is New Dress code policy Abilene Reporter-News reported on the next school year to eliminate gender-specific rules.

Outgoing dress code policies have different rules for boys and girls. This includes a ban on male student manicure.

Trevor WilkinsonA senior at Clyde High School, he was suspended from school last year for wearing Polish, according to a petition containing more than 400,000 signatures created to change policy. He said he received it.

“I’m very proud of my school about this,” Wilkinson told KRBC. “I’m glad I finally reached this point. Comprehensive for everyone.. “

The school board unanimously passed the new policy on Monday, the KRBC reported.

According to Abilene Reporter News, director Kenny Berry said the district had formed a committee of employees, parents and students to develop the policy.

“There are different trends and changes,” Berry told the newspaper. “To move forward every year, we use some kind of committee … bring this recommendation to the board, look at what we have, it still works and is still applicable Make sure that

The school district is east of Abilene.

According to a Texas school, teachers investigated step-by-step photographs of the feet on the necks of black students