The search for the sea continues even after the body of a Spanish girl is found in the bag

Spain shocks after an investigator combing the seabed near the Madrid — Canary Islands discovers the body of one of two young sisters who were taken to his father a few weeks ago without his mother’s permission. I have received it.

Coroners confirm that the body in the bag, tied to an anchor about 1,000 meters (3,200 feet) deep, belongs to Olivia, the older of the two sisters, 6 years old. did.

The Spanish civil guard said a special marine research vessel helping the search had found another similar bag that was empty nearby, and the search for 1-year-old Anna and her father Thomas Guimeno is still underway. He added that it was inside.

Many politicians and civil society groups on Friday condemned Olivia’s death and showed support for the girl’s mother, Beatrice Zimmermann.

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez tweeted, “I can’t imagine the pain of little Anna and Olivia’s mother.” “My hug, my love, and the hug of my whole family who sympathize with Beatrice and her loved ones today.”

Guimeno and the girls went missing on April 27 on Tenerife, the largest island in the archipelago off West Africa.

The mother, who divorced the girl’s father, claimed to have said she would never meet again.

Investigators began extensive land and sea investigations, but narrowed down to the waters off Tenerife after the discovery of Guimeno boats drifting into the sea in the air.

Interpol also joined the search, publishing photos of the two girls and issuing a so-called “yellow notice” aimed at identifying the missing person.

The girl’s mother posted some videos of her daughter online to help her find her.

At the Women’s Forum on Friday, Queen Leticia expressed “pain and sadness” for the deaths of Olivia and a 17-year-old woman who were killed by her partner earlier this week in southern Spain.

“I don’t think anyone would try to put the murdered girls in the position of loved ones this morning,” said Letizia.

Women’s rights groups called for protests across Spain later on Friday.

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