The Seattle Police Department has the most police officers in Washington, DC on January 6th. Investigations are underway to determine if they have violated the Capitol, but supporters say the problem is getting worse.

Black Lives Matter Seattle
  • Seattle is taking into account the news that there were at least six SPD officers in Washington, DC on January 6th.

  • The Police Accountability Department is investigating whether these police officers have violated the Capitol.

  • Mike Solan, chairman of the Seattle Police Department guild, blamed Back Lives Matter and blamed the far left of the riot.

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Bidding resumed in Seattle, Washington, days after the unprecedented domestic violence against democracy on the US Capitol.

So Hundreds of riots The Associated Press, where people are beginning to identify people who have violated the Capitol and many are facing federal crime report We are investigating more than 30 police officers at the then President Donald Trump’s “Stop Stealing” rally in Washington, DC on January 6.

Six Seattle police officers are investigating after being in Washington, DC on the day of the Capitol riot. This is the largest group of police officers nationwide in Washington, DC on January 6th.

Ann Bettsworth, a Seattle Police Department accountability spokesman, acknowledged the number to insiders and said, “We haven’t kept it secret.”

In the statement Announced late Friday, January 11, SPD Chief Adrian Diaz said whether OPA violated SPD policy and “whether it was necessary to introduce potential illegal activity for criminal investigations.” “I will investigate to determine.

“If SPD police officers were directly involved in the riots at the US Capitol, I would immediately dismiss them. These police officers were put on leave while the OPA was investigating,” Diaz said in a statement. I mentioned in. He added that the SPD endorsed all legitimate expressions in the First Amendment, but the violent cases unfolded were “illegal and resulted in the death of another police officer.” ..

OPA has 180 days to present its findings to the SPD to determine if it violates the policy and to seek a criminal investigation.

Andrew Myerberg, OPA Director, I told NPR, Officers have the right to their political views and the investigation will investigate whether they have violated the SPD policy. OPA added that if police officers commit federal crimes, they will work with federal agents.

Despite its reputation as a liberal fortress, politics in the Pacific Northwest is more complex.

And there is tension between Seattle police stations, city leaders, and progressive activists. Friction often attracts public attention.

“When law enforcement is cracking down on progressive cities like Seattle, Washington DC, and Portland, it certainly creates friction,” Meyerberg admitted to the NPR in January.

And the members of the community are worried.

Seattle writer and organizer Sean Scott pointed out a tweet from Mike Solan, the current officer and president of the Seattle Police Officer Guild, following the Capitol riots.

In a tweet sent on January 7, Solan quoted a tweet from right-wing provocateur Andy Nugo. This was told by FBI Secretary Christopher Ray to Congress, Is incorrect.

Scott believes Solan’s remarks after the riot reflect the police station Controversial And Under a federal consent decision.

City correspondence

Following the tweet, Seattle city council mayor Jenny Durkan and former police chief Carmen Best asked Solan to resign.

OPA begins investigating Solan’s tweets, with all nine city council members I was asked Solan’s resignation.

When asked to comment in January, Solan told insiders that he was “currently dealing with the issues of other unions.” He said he would not comment on the open inquiry when it reached again in March.

Seattle City Council President Lorena Gonzalez told insiders that he was a second-term councilor and civil rights advocate and “backed us” when he knew there were six police officers in DC.

Gonzales, a candidate for mayor, told insiders that Solan wasn’t the right person to lead the union, and Solan’s comment was “a disadvantage to Seattle and the work we’ve been doing here for decades. Will bring disadvantages to. ” To reform this police station, “she added,” it’s the enthusiasm at its core and doesn’t represent who we are as a city. “

Gonzales as a civil rights lawyer in 2012 Settled the proceedings The SPD was $ 150,000 after SPD officials threatened to “kick Mexican piss” from Gonzales client Martin Monetti Jr., and three different SPD chiefs have come and gone since he was on the city council. I’ve been at the forefront. Many of the problems are the result of efforts to rethink Seattle police, claiming to be cultural.

“Cultural reform is very difficult for paramilitary institutions,” Gonzales told insiders. “Executives need to understand that they are civil servants, that is, move from the spirit of warriors to the idea of ​​parents designed on the basis of understanding who we are as a community. That means, in a military sense, being here as a guardian. “

A community that already suspects the police

Activists say the city’s response to police officers attending Trump’s rally is too bureaucratic and not aggressive enough.

The knowledge that six police officers were in Washington, DC on the day of the Capitol siege exacerbated the already tense relationship between police and the Seattle community-especially afterwards. A series of violent police cases during protests After the death of George Floyd.

In May 2020, a protest against police atrocities expanded in Seattle, reflecting Black Lives Matter demonstrations nationwide. During the months of the movement, Seattle police officers used tear gas and various crowd control weapons to slap a federal judge in June. Temporary suppression order About SPD for using “non-lethal weapons disproportionately and without provocation”.Then it turned out that the department has I violated the order.

OPA continues to investigate SPDs in the city council in the summer and November regarding the misuse of force against Black Lives Matter protesters. Vote for cut The Seattle Police Department has a budget of 17%.

Seattle educator Jayden Grayson believes the bailout must go further than Solan’s resignation or a city-led investigation into Washington, DC police.

Grayson and Scott also believe that the problem is far more serious than whether officers violated the Capitol and wants the city to address potential political extremism within its ranks. I will.

“For me, Solan is an outlier voice that resembles a right-wing extremist and resembles a former president,” Grayson told insiders. “But it tells me about the entire culture of SPDs, because if you think the idea and how SPDs behave in the field is one thing, look at the people they hold them accountable for. He says he wasn’t. Not enough, it’s worrisome. “

“Solan continued to act so that officers couldn’t make mistakes, they never did wrong, and in fact they weren’t doing enough, and the reform version made them More armed and ready to continue that action, “Grayson added.

Grayson and Scott have been involved in the reorganization of Seattle’s police station for 10 years, with the city council subpoena Mike Solan. Existing legal means.. They want Sloan to be publicly questioned by the board of five to ten community members about his potential role in the radicalization and encouragement of executives.

“The city’s Civil Rights Department must at least issue a statement condemning the police who participated in the coup attempt and the department that promoted it,” Scott said. “The purpose of the speech at the rally on the 6th is not related to democracy. It doesn’t matter who got the most votes. It may be right.”

Seattle LGBTQ and Human Rights Commission Backed up the call The city told the insider that the city council did not have the authority to summon Solan, but the Gonzales office. Government agency.. New law, Subpoena officers engaged in illegal activities may empower city authorities, subject to negotiations with the Seattle Police Officer Guild.

Court battle over disclosure of police identity

In late February, the city announced that six undisclosed officials would release their personnel records to four individuals, including a local reporter who requested them under Washington’s Public Records Act. Later, I sued the city of Seattle. ..

Police officers claimed they were targeted after losing the first bid to secure a temporary injunction to prevent the disclosure of their information.King County Superior Court Judge Sandra Widran Allowed temporary suppression order Regarding the disclosure of information, however, she said she voluntarily participated in highly public events outside the workplace, thus blocking permanent action.

And on March 17, the Washington State Court of Appeals Temporarily extended Its restraint order when the court considers permission to publish the names of King County Judge’s officers.

“(A) A short additional delay is justified to give this court a reasonable amount of time to fairly consider the officer’s request for discretionary review,” Kor wrote in her judgment.

Initially, a hearing held at the Court of Appeals on April 2 declared that the identity of the police officer may have been revealed and is controversial.

The court confirmed to insiders that the next hearing is still months away and the date may not yet be set.

The community and military are concerned that the problem will be exacerbated.

according to Report Seattle police stations, announced by Mayor Jenny Durkan’s office, showed record declines at the end of 2020, with more police expected to leave the army in 2021.

And two of the first co-pilots identified in the “Stop the Steal” rally were identified by SPD colleagues who saw their photos participating in social media. According to the Seattle Times.

Seattle Community Police Commission, Unauthorized private monitoring agency SPD I met on January 20th Discuss the presence of SPD officers in Washington, DC on January 6th.

Mark Mullens, a black Seattle police officer and member of the CPC, said he felt he had crossed the line when his colleague was working in a MAGA hat.

“For me, it’s like wearing a Confederate flag or making a Confederate flag work,” he said. And at that meeting, Murren talked about the tensions at the heart of the disagreement between CPC, OPA, and activists in the city while the investigation was underway.

“Your political view is your business,” he said. “And I still don’t know if you’re a racist, but when you’re wearing it [hat], You do not take into account black officers and other officers that may be caused by it. “There is also the issue of community trust,” Malen said.

Activist Grayson said the January 6 event raised a mirror on the nasty side of Seattle’s identity.

“If police officers use the taxpayer’s money, a community resource, to reach one of the biggest national security breaches ever happened in American history, it tells Seattle, this is us. “Grayson said.

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