The Secret Service handed over only one text message to the January 6th panel, sources say.


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The Secret Service submitted a text message to the House Committee on Tuesday, January 6th. This is in response to all communication subpoenas from the day before and the day of the US Capitol attack. ..

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The Secret Service told the Panel that the only message corresponding to the subpoena was a single text, and authorities vowed to conduct a forensic investigation of other texts and phone records, but such a message was restored. It has been shown that it is likely to turn out to be impossible.

Home investigators also learned that the text appeared to be lost as part of a government-wide phone reset on January 27, 2021 – 11 days after Congress first requested communication. Two days after the agent was notified to back up the phone.

Disclosure was worse than the Commission expected, according to sources. The panel wanted to receive multiple texts and was disappointed to find that the message was lost even after being requested to investigate Congress.

It was a damaging day for the Secret Service needed to keep records like any other government agency, and now it’s finding itself. At the crosshairs of the selection committee Examine the response to the Capitol attack.

The situation surrounding the erasure of secret service text is to investigate how agents and leaders planned to move Donald Trump and Mike Pence when violence unfolded in the Capitol. It became the center of work.

Homeland Security Inspector General Joseph Kaffari, Secret Service Guard Dog, argues and subpoenas about lost text messages after revealing that many messages have been missing since the time of the problem. Happened last week.

of Letter to CongressThe Inspector General said that part of the secret service text on January 5 and 6, 2021 was erased during the “device exchange program”, and his authorities walked slowly to create evidence. Shown that it is interfering with the investigation.

The Secret Service states that the missing text has been removed as part of a planned government-wide phone reset and device replacement. According to one source, the agent was told to back up the data to an internal drive, but the directive seems to have been ignored.

Members of the secret service are wary of Air Force 1 carrying Trump landing at Valley International Airport in January 2021.

Members of the secret service are wary of Air Force 1 carrying Trump landing at Valley International Airport in January 2021. Photo: Go Nakamura / Getty Images

Hours after the letter of complaint from Caffari, Benny Thompson, chairman of the committee on January 6, met with panel staff director David Buckley and his deputy Christine Amarling, an inspector general. Convened members to request a private briefing.

Parents First reported The Inspector General told the Commission that the secret service’s account of why the text was missing continues to change, among other issues. Panel to issue subpoenas For late same day text and follow-up reports.

However, even though the Secret Service adhered to the subpoena and produced thousands of pages of documents related to the decisions made on the day of the Capitol attack, authorities could only provide one text message, sources said. Stated.

The Secret Service was also unable to provide a follow-up report because nothing was done, sources said. According to Mr. Caffari, authorities have chosen to use his review as a post-report-only for staff to delay his investigation.

A secret service spokesman was not immediately asked for comment.

A fallout from a missing text message episode, and testimony from former Trump aide Cassidy Hutchinson explaining Flaca in a presidential vehicle on January 6 when Trump tried to reach for the handle, asked questions about reliability. I made a new one.

According to the Secret Service, the series of events was: The agent was informed that the update was scheduled for December 2020, Congress requested communication on January 16, 2021, and the agent was notified to back up the data on January 25, and the update was updated. It was done. January 27, 2021.

The agent explained in a reminder “how to save information that you are obliged to or want to keep so that there is no relevant data or federal records”, but the memo seems to have been ignored and the text has been removed. rice field.

Home investigators are currently discussing the possibility of reconstructing lost texts with inspectors and are considering options such as obtaining specialized software and forensic tools, sources said.

The Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice To get the lost textIn 2018, we investigated former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Trump and recovered messages from two senior FBI agents who exchanged notes criticizing the latter.

The Secret Service was not responsible for the security of the Capitol on January 6th. This was done by US Capitol police, but the agent led the details of the protection of Trump, Pence, and other government officials throughout Washington that day.

However, Secret Services’ actions investigate whether Trump wants to go to the Capitol and when the riots try to stop proving Joe Biden’s election victory and thus remove Pence from the complex. Therefore, it has become the focus of house investigators.

Missing text Subject of new investigationIf the National Archives of Japan initiates an internal review of the Secret Service and instructs the Secret Service to publish a report within 30 calendar days, after which the text turns out to be “inappropriately deleted.”