The Secret Service was set to flip the “erased” January 6 text


The January 6 tug of war between investigators and secret service reached a critical point on Tuesday, and a panel investigating the parliamentary riots could give new insights into the actions of former President Trump that day. Expect to receive a pile of institutional text messages.

If the transfer is realized, it will follow several days of confusion and pointing around the elusive message that government observers have told the Commission that it has been “erased” by the Secret Service.

Due to the accusations, the House Selection Commission summoned a text secret service late Friday night, just hours after the panel met with Homeland Security Inspector General Joseph Kaffari.

Caffari, Trump’s appointed man, wrote to the Commission at the beginning of the week, stating that he had deleted the text message from January 5th and 6th, 2021 “as part of the device exchange program.”Erase is “after OIG” [Office of Inspector General] I requested the agency to record the electronic communication, “Cuffari wrote.

Investigators on January 6 accused Trump of inciting an attack on the Capitol in an attempt to seize power after being defeated in the elections, with a “erased” message about Trump’s actions and intentions surrounding the riots. I want to know if I will reveal new details. ..

The focus on the Secret Service last month was when a former Top West Wing aide testified on the conflict between Trump and his security details on January 6, after the president was informed that he would not be driven to the Capitol. Since then, it has gained new urgency. Join the protest there. Assistant Cassidy Hutchinson has offered its explosive account second-hand, and some of the agents involved have been disagreeing with it, though not directly.

In light of the discrepancy, the Special Committee was on the wide net on January 6 regarding the Secret Service, which protected not only Trump but also his Vice President Mike Pence, who was the main target of the violent mob. Aiming to cast it hit the Capitol.

Their subpoena was given to the agency to provide disputed communications until Tuesday morning.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) Said: Appearing on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, he mentions the agency’s counterarguments to Cuffari’s account. “And we go,’Fine, if you have them, we need them.'”

“And we’ll get them by this Tuesday, so we’ll see,” added Lofgren, a member of the House January 6th Commission.

Following Friday’s subpoena, Tuesday’s deadline is the fastest turnaround that the Panel has requested of one of the goals of the subpoena, and as the hearing phase of the investigation ends, lawmakers resolve the mystery of the message. There is little patience for.

Secret service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said authorities would comply with the 10 am deadline on Tuesday, but would recreate much of what had to be handed over that they had already shared with the commission. ..

He denied the existence of “hidden messages” hidden by government agencies and “withheld” by authorities from the panel.

“We will address all five sections of the subpoena in detail,” Guglielmi told The Hill on Monday, looking at the list of things offered to investigators.

“In addition, we provided about 800,000 documents, emails, wireless transmissions, planning records, operational plans, and Microsoft Teams chat messages. We provided all of these. We provide all of them. We summon the committee. I will do my best to physically answer all the answers to the letter. “

The Secret Service explained last week that the accusation from Cuffari was categorically false and that the data loss was part of a “pre-planned three-month system migration.”

“In the process, we lost the data that resides on some phones,” said the agency at the time.

According to Guglielmi, secret service agents were advised to upload data from their cell phones, but they avoided text messages due to security concerns and had little to share.

“It’s hard for people to understand, but we don’t communicate by text message. Our policy is not to do business with text message,” he said.

“There is no reason to say that the text was lost. That is, how do you know that those people sent text messages? They were told to upload official records, and they did. So this is partly what we are trying to convey to the committee and all the data we have. People say the text has been lost. That the text has been sent. How do you know? “

At a private meeting on Friday, the Guardian claimed that the message was lost and optimistic that there might be a way to reconstruct the message using various forensic tools.

When Commission members rounded at Sunday’s talk show, many said that if the Secret Service couldn’t store the data, it could violate federal record law at such an important point. I emphasized.

“That must be what we are at the root,” Congressman Elaine Luria (D-Va.) Said in CNN’s State of the Union address.

“Federal agencies need to keep records,” she continued. “The agency, which was a very important part of an important event in our history, keeps and analyzes those records to determine what went well or was wrong that day. I think I did everything I could. “

Mr Lofgren said the committee simply needed “all texts from the 5th and 6th.”

“I was shocked to hear that I didn’t back up my data before resetting my iPhone. It’s crazy. I don’t know why,” she said.

“But you need to get this information to get the big picture.”

Another member of the committee, Republican, also expressed distrust that the Secret Service would have erased all communications surrounding January 6, characterizing him as a “contradictory” explanation. Blew up the authorities on what was attached.

“At least it’s very crazy that the Secret Service will actually remove something related to one of the most notorious days in American history,” he said in CBS News’ Face the Nation. Said. “Especially regarding the role of secret services.”

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