The Secretary of Energy admits that heat pumps for warming homes are “worse” than gas boilers

Kwasi Quarten-Jeff Pew

Kwasi Quarten-Jeff Pew

The Secretary of Business Energy admits that the green alternative to gas heating proposed by Boris Johnson is inferior to traditional boilers. They claimed that heat pumps weren’t “much worse” than the technology they were designed to replace.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Kwasi Kwarteng admitted that gas boilers “have been improved over the years, but heat pumps are still in their infancy.”

New technology Provides significantly less heat Quarten argued that it was “exaggerated” at home than traditional boilers.

“In fact, I don’t think heat pumps are much worse than boilers. All I’m saying is that you can improve with more investment,” he added.

Kwarteng said providing companies with incentives to invest in heat pumps and hydrogen production in the UK not only helps the government achieve its goal of reducing net carbon dioxide emissions to zero, but also “economic growth. “Promote” and help create new jobs.When Lower technology costs..

How the heat pump works

In making the final decision on heat and building strategies, Mr. Kwarten said: Cost concerns By arguing that “writing a check” alone does not try to reach the goal, ministers of policy

“The government cannot reach the hydrogen economy just by writing a check,” he says.

“If I want to say it roughly, but critically, by attracting private investment, we’ll do it by the government, yes, write some checks.”

Quarten argued that tax increases were inevitable to fund the transition to green technology, warning of “serious living cost issues” and adding: The tax increase does not encourage investment or work. “

Kwarteng argues that when companies start investing in gas boiler alternatives, the cost of new technology will fall “very quickly” and consumers will be able to “profit” in just five years. I am.

In a statement that could line up with renewable energy companies, he claims that “we no longer need to continue to subsidize” offshore wind farms “have arrived soon.”

Johnson says he hopes that by 2028, 600,000 heat pumps will replace gas boilers each year. Gas heating can pump 60 ° C water to the radiator, but the government’s Climate Change Commission assumes that the heat pump operates at 50 ° C.

Kwarteng admitted that he still owns a gas boiler, but said he plans to buy a heat pump.

He said different types of green heating solutions are suitable for different types of properties.

Johnson admits that heat pumps are currently “about 10 grand pops” and not affordable for many.

Kwarten said: “I … have a gas boiler … but I’m making a certain amount of money, so I can afford to make that transition and I’m aiming for that transition. But I do. I’m very reluctant to impose things on people who can’t afford it. We need to make it work for people. “

Our Green Industrial Revolution uses the conservative principles of the free market to grow the economy

He is a minister responsible for fulfilling the Conservative commitment Reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050..

However, as concerns about the Tories backbench grow, The financial burden that the transition may put on consumers, Kwasi Kwaten expresses sympathy to those who warn against tax increases.

When asked if some form of tax increase was unavoidable to fund the transition to Net Zero, Mr. Quarten simply answered “no.”

“I think there’s a serious cost of living issue where I’m working on this,” said Secretary of Energy, in a statement expressing concern discussed at the highest level of government.

“Obviously, given where we are in finances, and given all the difficulties we have actually fought as a nation, I would say heroically, Concerns about taxes and costs..

“The government has always wanted to protect vulnerable people in this transition. This is absolutely right, and second, it’s a step-by-step process.”

Some reports give the impression that “next week I was going to send people to tear the boiler. It won’t happen … and it will be a very orderly process.”

Not only are they concerned about the potential impact of tax increases on individuals already suffering in the Covid-19 pandemic, but Kwarteng, who has long been seen as a major Tory free marketer, said they I believe it can choke the economy.

“I’m always very skeptical about tax increases.”

Talking more generally about the outlook for tax increases, former city analysts said: “Within the government, I’m always very skeptical about tax increases.

“Yes, I think there is a desire to balance the budget. I think the prime minister’s instinct is absolutely right. But after all, he is always wary of the fact that he needs to incentivize economic activity. And you don’t encourage economic activity, investment, or work by raising taxes. It’s that easy. “

The Executive Secretary, 46, states that he has “forgotten” the British entrepreneurial spirit in our history and “takes a much more nationalist approach.” But basically, we are the country of shopkeepers and the country of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. My job as a business secretary is to nurture that spirit. “

The goal of Net Zero is Enshrined in the law under Theresa MayIt inevitably includes some nationalism and is opposed to the government’s Diktat, which drives some of the backbench Tories’ criticism of policy.

However, Kwarteng, appointed in January, was able to work hard in the private sector with early financial support from the government to start a new green industry, and the poorest households were billed heavily. It claims to help you avoid holding it. ..

“Huge financial opportunity”

He says the policy itself offers “huge economic opportunities.” The Secretariat’s whiteboard lists a series of recent major investments announced by companies at the forefront of the UK’s “Green Industrial Revolution.” This is an electric car from Nissan’s Sunderland Automobile Factory.

“What we do in the UK is to use Net Zero to drive economic growth and promote employment. I think this is a great historic opportunity.”

Quarten argues that NetZero will boost UK employment and kickstart the economy-Jeff Pew

Quarten argues that NetZero will boost UK employment and kickstart the economy-Jeff Pew

Kwarteng said the promotion of Net Zero represents an “industrial infrastructure restructuring”, and the areas where manufacturers are rooted to manufacture parts for electric vehicles and wind turbines are “northern, type locations, locations.” To level out. ” In the historic industrial center where limited investment has been seen in the last 20 to 30 years. “

Government strategies include subsidizing new industries such as the manufacture of electric heat pumps to replace gas boilers. Hydrogen production, Ministers believe Britain can be a world leader.

“Offshore wind was a great success story in Britain.”

However, Mr. Quarten argues that: “The purpose of this game is not to see how much money the government can spend with taxpayer money. The purpose of the game is to use public funds wisely to attract private investment. And it just confirms this. In fact … Offshore wind is a great success story in Britain … 35% of the world’s offshore wind capacity is here in the UK. “

If Kwarteng intends to model the government’s plans for hydrogen and heat pumps based on an approach to offshore wind, consumers expect billions of pounds of repeats so far spent on subsidizing the industry. You may be allowed to do so. And when are they actually ending, as prominent companies insist that they must continue to subsidize offshore wind farms?

“This is an interesting question,” Kwarteng replies. “I understand that it’s almost time for us to no longer need to continue to subsidize it.”

Creating an “attractive environment” that attracts investment from green energy companies to the UK is “the real secret of this.”

“Like hydrogen, the government does not reach the hydrogen economy just by writing a check. Roughly speaking, critically speaking, the government does it by writing a check, private investment. By attracting, and it doesn’t work without substantial investment from the private sector. “

Surprisingly, Mr. Quarten denies that consumers You have to pay more to be green“Costs can go down very quickly,” he said.

Consumers will “profit” in just five years

“I think investing in this can save you money,” he argues that consumers will “profit” in just five years.

Unlike Alok Sharma, with his predecessor Minister in charge of Cop26 Climate ConferenceKwarteng, a member of Parliament at Spelthorne in western London, pulled an anti-aircraft gun to reveal that he was still driving a diesel car, but he doesn’t own the car at all. “I didn’t sell it just because you came,” he jokes. “I haven’t driven a car in London for 10 years.”

However, he admits that he owns a gas boiler, despite the government’s willingness to persuade people to switch to alternatives such as heat pumps.

“I have a boiler that is a gas boiler … but I’m making a certain amount of money, so I can afford to make that transition and want to make that transition.”

A recent focus group conducted by an onward think tank in a teasside red car abandons traditional cars and boilers based on people previously being encouraged to buy diesel and so-called eco-cars. Identified distrust of the government message about that. Friendly boilers, both are currently overtaken.

“I think it’s perfectly legal,” admits Quarten. “I remember the diesel campaign, and we hear that. People have points.

“I think science is much better … I think the opportunity is that electric cars are intuitively much cleaner than diesel, and this is where the economic debate applies, many. People in Red Cars … are hired directly by my board company, and they are the leaders in these technologies, investing directly in the UK, and frankly, in diesel cars, in fact. Did not participate in the race there. “”