The shadow of Trump, Ga’s.Kemp draws boos from loyal Republicans

Jekyll Island, Georgia (AP) — Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp was booed with conventionjeje voice at the State Party’s annual convention on Saturday, revealing the remaining anguish among Republicans over his role in certification. did. Democrat Joe Biden wins presidential election.

Kemp’s supporters tried to drown out ttt’s defeat and he sought party harmony. Towards his 2020 Re-election campaign, The governor is his achievement, especially Election overhaul Republican state legislatures have pushed in response to false allegations that Donald Trump was defeated in November due to fraudulent elections.

“We must be strong and brave,” Kemp said. “They have Hollywood. They have millionaires in New York and California …. So we have to unite and move forward together,” he said of the Democratic Party.

However, Kemp beat him for months and never mentioned the former president, who was scheduled to return to politics in a speech to Republicans in North Carolina on Saturday. Kemp was in 2020. Of other speakers on the stage, including one of his major rivals who received an enthusiastic reaction, did not explicitly state that the elections were fraudulent or the tally was inaccurate. It was different from the parade.

The scene emphasized Trump’s strong dominance over the Republicans, even if defeated, and the potential danger of Kemp and other Republicans crossing the former president, whether intentionally or not. Kemp supporters were concerned that Trump’s obsession with 2020 could ruin the party in the next midterm elections.

“I’m afraid of the deaths of these anti-Kemp Republicans,” said James Hall, a 37-year-old representative from Savannah.

Mr. Trump recorded a video message of the convention and praised Georgian Republicans, but Mr. Trump, who never mentioned Mr. Kemp, also said that he was in Georgia for a rally “in the very near future.” I promised to return to the state. It reminds us of his promise to spend the 2022 election campaign on a “campaign against your governor” on January 4, before the Republicans lost the U.S. Senate final vote in Georgia. was.

Hall predicts that such disagreements will ensure repeated Senate voting when Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff defeat Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Padhu. The Republican Party lost a vote from a hardcore conservative who was angry at Trump’s defeat. And he lost votes among moderates who were erased by false allegations that Mr Biden’s victory in November was unjustified. Both parties and state election authorities across the country have guaranteed results, and courts have rejected Mr. Trump’s election challenge.

“If we keep playing these ridiculous games, saying Kemp isn’t pure enough, we’ll hand it over to the Democrats again,” Hall said. “It’s very unproductive. He’s 11 He is the only Republican who can win the moon. “

Governor critics claim he has won the opposition.

“If you don’t support Trump, you’re not eligible to play,” said Barbara Cunningham of Savannah, who has been involved with the State Party for over 50 years.

Kemp’s challenger Vernon Jones tuned in to that sentiment. Former Democratic Black Democrat Jones, who supported Trump and changed parties to fight Kemp, was his race and his former. He flaunted his relationship with Partizan and reminded representatives that Trump and Ronald Reagan were once Democrats.

Jones nicknamed Kemp, a lifelong Republican, “Republican In Name Only.” Jones said “RINO’s leadership in the state was a bystander” because Trump was defeated.

He called Biden “Jim Crow Joe” and insulted Stacey Abrams, a 2018 Democratic governor candidate and a potential 2022 candidate, as a “bad witch of the South.”

“What are they going to do, play race cards?” Jones asked, laughing and rossing from the bodies of the overwhelmingly white representatives.

Kemp initially offended some of the Republican right-wingers by appointing wealthy businessman Leffler to a vacant seat in the Senate, rather than promoting Trump’s electoral college member. Doug Collins It was in November that Mr. Kemp recognized Mr. Biden’s electoral college in accordance with state law. He also refused to convene or attempt to overturn a special legislative session to address the consequences.

“Kemp could have helped him, but he didn’t,” Cunningham lamented.

Due to multiple recounts, Biden’s November difference was about 12,000 out of 5 million votes, making him the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia since 1992. In the January Senate decisive battle. The Democratic gap widened. Osov defeated Padu by 55,000 votes, and Warnock defeated Lofler by more than 93,000 votes, or about 2 percentage points. Both margins exceeded the threshold that triggered the reaggregation.

Indeed, Kemp continues to be a Republican nominee.

“He has told Republican voters what they want, whether it’s a pro-life problem or a financial problem, over and over again,” said Kevin Goff, head of Glynn County, where the convention was held.

Kemp is on tax cuts, new abortion restrictions currently being contested in court, “measurement” relaxation of pandemic rules to continue business, and “important racial theory” taught in public schools in Georgia. I definitely checked such a list, such as the opposite.

Boo “don’t speak on behalf of the whole party,” Goff said.

Kemp remains strong enough to easily defeat a resolution condemning his treatment of elections. At least 15 local party conventions out of 159 counties and two parliamentary district conventions out of 14 adopted such resolutions. However, the state party’s resolution committee has shelved the issue, and Kemp opponents are unlikely to get the two-thirds of the votes needed to consider it later on Saturday.

On the contrary, the convention was expected to formally condemn another Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who played a more direct role in election administration in 2020. , Like Kemp, we are aiming for reelection. Unlike Kemp, he did not attend his party’s conventions.

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