The ship collides off the coast of the Netherlands.The crew has evacuated

The Hague, The Netherlands — A rescue helicopter collides with another ship and begins to drink water during a powerful storm, paramedics, from a ship that remains recklessly drifting in a wind turbine park on the North Sea coast of the Netherlands on Monday. He said he had evacuated all 18 crew members.

A clash occurred when Storm Collie struck parts of Northern Europe. It happened after Storm Malik killed at least four people over the weekend, destroyed houses, unleashed floods, and left thousands of households without electricity.

A cargo ship called Julietta D collided with another boat about 20 miles (32 km) west of the port of IJmuiden, said Edward Zwitser, a spokesman for the Royal Dutch Lifeboat Company. Another Pecho Raster was also damaged, but was able to continue its voyage.

The Dutch Coast Guard said all crew members were rescued. The details of the rescue on the high seas in strong winds were not immediately known. Dutch television showed that the rescued crew arrived at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol by helicopter.

Three helicopters, including one from Belgium, were involved in the rescue operation.

Juliet D suffered “direct danger to the 18 crew members,” spokesman Edward Zwitzer told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

Both ships were moored offshore, but Julietta D’s anchor was “not retained,” the Coast Guard said.

Hours later, the winds weakened in the Netherlands, Julietta D was still drifting, and the Coast Guard said efforts were underway to attach lines to the tugboats to allow the ship to be safely towed.

Thousands of homes in the Nordic region remained unpowered on Monday, and there were reports of floods in the North Sea and Baltic ports of the region. The western part of the Netherlands was hit hard on Monday morning by a strong gust that uprooted trees and caused traffic problems.

Storm Collie also struck Scotland at the end of Sunday, followed by Storm Malik, where thousands of people blew trees, damaged power lines and tore roofs from their homes, powering them. It is no longer done.

A 9-year-old boy from Staffordshire County, England, and a 60-year-old woman from the Scottish city of Aberdeen died after a tree was cut down on Saturday.

Also over the weekend, Danish media reported that a 78-year-old woman died of serious injuries after being hit by a strong wind. In neighboring Germany, local media reported that a man was killed on Saturday after hitting a sign loosened by a storm.

Mike Coder

Associated Press