The ship has partially resurfaced but is still stuck

A team of engineers on Monday partially resurfaced a huge container ship that had managed to resurface. Stuck in Suez 1 week for each canal The Wall Street Journal..

latest: Suez Canal Authority staff of the waterway operator Told Bloomberg The position of Evergiven moved about 80%, and the maneuvering continued “before and after high tide” in the morning.

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Important reason: With some of the Panama-registered vessels operated by Evergreen and owned by Shoei Kisen, it is expected that one of the world’s busiest trade routes will soon reopen.

Yes, but: “How fast will the waterways be able to pass while the ships are floating again, or how long will it take to clear the log jam on the way to Suez with more than 450 ships stuck and waiting? I didn’t know immediately. I identified it as my next destination. ” Bloomberg notes..

  • “The ship is like a giant whale and you have to slide off the beach and back into the water,” Peter Berdowski, CEO of dredging company Royal Boskalis Westminster, told Dutch television on Monday. “We shouldn’t start cheering yet.”

  • Maersk, the world’s largest container container company, Said Monday’s six-day blockade caused a series of turmoil in world trade that could “take weeks or even months to unravel.”

Notable points: According to Bloomberg, canal official Mohab Mamish said, “Today, all ships are planning to cross the canal, and it could take about a week for all ships to leave the Suez Canal corridor. “.

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Editor’s Note: This article has been updated with new details throughout, correcting that Shoei Kisen owns the ship instead of evergreens.

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