The Sikh community wants to reform guns after FedEx shooting

Indianapolis (AP) — Members of the close Sikh community of Indianapolis called for gun reform on Saturday in collaboration with city officials. They mourned the deaths of four of the eight Sikhs killed in a shooting at a FedEx warehouse.

At a rally attended by more than 200 people in Indianapolis Park on Saturday night, Sikh Coalition representative Aasees Kaur called for action to prevent the recurrence of such attacks with the mayor and other elected officials. I told you to do it.

“We must support each other not only by grief, but by calling on policy makers and elected civil servants to make meaningful changes,” said Cowl. “It’s not too late to act, but now. By doing so, we are too much tragedy, too late.”

The attack was another blow to the Asian-American community. After officials say six Asians were killed by shooters in Atlanta In an ongoing attack on Asian Americans during the area and coronavirus pandemic.

According to police, about 90% of FedEx warehouse workers near Indianapolis International Airport are members of the local Sikh community.

Kiran Dior, who attended vigilance to assist families affected by the shooting, said the legal loopholes that make it easier for individuals to buy guns “need to be closed now” and tried to buy guns. You need to check the background that emphasizes that anyone should do it.

“Gun violence is unacceptable. See what happened … we need to stop it,” Deol said. “We need further reforms. We need to tighten and tighten gun control so that responsible people become those who have guns. That’s what we want to bring awareness. Thing.”

Satjeet Kaur, secretary-general of the Sikh Coalition, said the entire community was traumatized by “meaningless” violence.

“We still don’t know the archer’s motives, but he targeted a facility known to be crowded with Sikh employees,” Cowl said.

According to the coalition, Indiana has 8,000 to 10,000 Sikh Americans. Members of the religion, which began in India in the 15th century, began to settle in Indiana over 50 years ago.

One of the victims of the shooting on Thursday night was Amarjit Sekhon, a 48-year-old Sikh mother of two sons who were the earners of her family.

Kuldip Sekhon said her sister-in-law started working at a FedEx facility in November and her husband was a devoted worker with a disability.

“She was a workaholic, she was always working, she was working,” he said. “She never sat still … The other day she shot (COVID-19) and was really sick, but she still went to work.”

In addition to Sekon, the Marion County Coroner office identified the dead as follows: Matthew R. Alexander, 32 years old. Samaria Blackwell, 19; Amarjeet Johal, 66; Jasvinder Kaur, 50; Jaswinder Singh, 68; Karli Smith, 19; and John Weisert, 74.

Kuldip Sekhon said his family lost another relative in the shooting — Kaur, his son’s mother-in-law. He said both Cowl and Amargit Sekon started working at the FedEx facility last year.

“I was planning to have a birthday party tonight, but now I’m here instead. This is … this is difficult for us,” said Scuplet Lai, who also has a relationship with Cowl and Secon, on Saturday. I told you. “They were both very attractive.”

Komal Chohan, who stated that Amargit Johar was her grandmother, said in a statement released by the Sikh Coalition that her family, including several working in a FedEx warehouse, was “traumatized” by the murder. I have. “

“My Nani, my family, and our family should not be in danger at work, in a place of worship, or anywhere. Enough — our community is experiencing sufficient trauma.” She said in a statement.

The coalition says that about 500,000 Sikhs live in the United States. Many practical Sikhs can be visually distinguished by articles of faith, including uncut hair and turbans.

The shooting was the deadliest collective event in the Sikh community in the United States since 2012, when white supremacists rushed into a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, shooting 10 people and killing 7 people. It is a violent incident.

In Indianapolis, police said Brandon Scott Hall, 19, a former worker at the FedEx facility, had killed eight people there before committing suicide. Authorities have not announced motivation.

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the hall had two assault rifles that were legally purchased in July and September 2020. Police said the hall was witnessed using both rifles during the assault.

Hall’s family said in a statement on Saturday that he was “very sorry for the pain and wounds” caused by his actions.

Paul Keenan, a special agent in charge of the FBI’s Indianapolis field office, said on Friday after a mother called police and said her son could commit “suicide by cop”. Said he asked. He said the agent did not find evidence of the crime and did not identify the hall as supporting a racially motivated ideology.

Samaria Blackwell of Indianapolis was a soccer and basketball player who graduated from Indigenesis, a competitive Christian sports organization for homeschooling students last year. Her parents said in a statement on Saturday that she was an extroverted “people” who would be “extremely” missed by them and her dog, Jasper.

“As an intelligent and straightforward A student, Samaria could have done whatever she wanted. She loved helping people and dreamed of becoming a police officer. The dream was short. Now, I believe she is happy in heaven with the Savior, “they said.

Matthew Alexander of Avon, just west of Indianapolis, is a former Butler University student and graduated from Avon High School in 2007. Relatives and some of his former teammates on the Avon baseball team attended the match on Saturday in his memory. They are the uniforms in front of him, No. I brought 16 to the field, where I hugged and cried.

Former FedEx driver Albert Ashcraft said Alexander was well received because he sent the driver to the delivery site, prepared the paperwork, searched for the driver, and confirmed that he had a treat.

“People brought in donuts and he was always sticking donuts for the driver,” he said. Indianapolis star..


Associated Press reporters Michael Balsamo of Washington and Pat Eaton Rob of Connecticut contributed to this report. Casey Smith is a corps member of the Associated Press / US State Capitol News Initiative Report Report. Report for America is a non-profit national service program that places journalists in the local newsroom to report on unreported issues.