The skeptical Senate has adopted a bill allowing wine giants to have three tasting rooms in South Carolina.

A California-based alcohol company Promising a $ 400 million investment and nearly 500 new jobs in Chester County was skeptical that critics would give the company a special benefit that it would give the wine giant an unfair advantage. Won an important victory between.

Senate South Carolina voted 31-6 on Thursday, Gallo Winery will be able to open 3 satellite tasting rooms A region of the state with heavy traffic and selling up to 6 products per day to each customer. The tasting room also needs to close at 5:30 pm, so it won’t compete with the restaurant.

Senator pushed the bill into the Chamber of Commerce on the final day of the crossover. This is a voluntary deadline set by the Legislature to obtain legislature across the State Capitol. After Friday’s final functional reading, the bill will be sent to the next State Capitol. The State Capitol is traditionally in line with Governor Henry McMaster, who upheld the bill and easily passed the bill to attract large investments in the state.

There are opponents in the proposal who have not been completely persuaded to support the bill, even though the number of bottles has been reduced and Gallo has agreed to remove liquor and beer from the tasting room.

Wholesalers, retailers, restaurant and bar supporters The tasting room claims to cause excessive competitionConfusing State three-layer alcohol system Regulates the distribution and licensing of alcohol. Similarly, some lawmakers are uncertain about why Congress would give a company a special benefit, especially if a similar law that does much the same thing for distilleries was not passed a few years ago. Expressed sex.

“I don’t think it puts it at risk,” said State Senator Scott Tally, R-Spartanberg, when asked about the state’s regulatory system.

Lawmakers pointed out that Garo must buy his bottles through the state’s three-tier system rather than bring them in. But Tally admitted, “It’s new, not.”

This is a developing story. Check for updates.

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