The South Carolina teen murder was resolved seven years later, and three were arrested for evidence of DNA.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office announced on Tuesday that three people had been arrested in connection with the 2014 murder.

This is the third cold case in less than a year when the office was arrested and closed.

Sheriff Hobert Lewis said at a news conference that the incident was due to a failed drug trade.

Investigators used “touch DNA” and statements made by individuals through crime stoppers to identify suspects.

In 2014, a dog pedestrian found the body of Marquail Marvista Hellams, 19, on a gravel road in Piemont, about 19 miles south of Greenville. According to Lewis, Helam was shot many times outside the car.

Congressmen were informed of where the car was and seized it on April 9, this year. It was in Pickens County.

The murder took place on January 31, 2014.

Three people were arrested in connection with the death of Herams. Chris Thomas Capatino, 46 ​​years old. Destiny Maria Fields, 26; and Rahiem Jarad Griffin, 28. They are unsecured and held at the Greenville County Detention Center.

All three have been charged with murder and criminal conspiracy. Griffin has also been charged with possessing weapons during violent crimes.

Lewis said there was a previous conflict between his roommates Herams, Griffin and Fields.

According to Lewis, there are about 100 unsolved murders and missing persons in his office, which are systematically investigated and re-investigated.

“These incidents have been going on long enough,” he said. “These families deserve the answer.”

He said investigators were sending touch DNA for analysis, if possible. In this process, all that is needed to match is a small sample or footprint of skin cells.

One of the cases under investigation is the 1972 murder in which the victim did not identify a bee. The body of the man they are calling is “Mr. Lewis, X” was excavated to find the DNA, but little debris remained.