The storm is expected to arrive at DFW on Friday afternoon.Possibility of large hail and tornado


Dashcam footage captures deadly pile-ups in whiteout conditions

Winter weather has brought a cruel return to a large area of ​​the United States this week, with some cases of record cold and snow. In Wisconsin, heavy snowfall and near-whiteout conditions caused a pile of deadly highways captured by dashcam cameras on Wednesday. The deadly crash on Interstate 41 was part of a tragic day driving on snow-covered Wisconsin. Overall, more than 20 collisions occurred across the state, resulting in more than 80 vehicles and one death. Nearly 50 vehicles were involved in a single stack at I-41 in Washington County, about 30 miles northwest of Milwaukee, authorities killed a 37-year-old woman and sent several other drivers to the hospital. Said sent. The footage from the vehicle’s dash camera captured some of the pile-up devastation, including impossible driving conditions and a collision between a semi-truck and a snowplow. The video shows the moment when a truck hits a plow, a snowplow falls over the right shoulder of the freeway, and a cicada in a trash can cares for the left side. A driver with a drive recorder identified as William Van Aken shared his horrifying memories and videos with WISN. “I had poor visibility and suddenly I saw a cicada in front of me. There was something in the groove on the left and the groove on the right, and I saw the cicada’s deployment hitting the dump truck in front of me,” he said. Said. According to AccuWeather’s senior meteorologist Bill Deger, “The arrival of unseasonably cold masses, combined with some energy in the atmosphere, caused snow showers and squalls later in the season.” Early in the afternoon on the road, I received an emergency call from the driver for a major pile. Heavy snowfall and freezing conditions were reported in the town of Pork where the crash occurred. At the scene, a Wisconsin patrol officer transferred six injured to a hospital for treatment and confirmed the death of a 37-year-old woman. A woman from Trenton, Tennessee, died from being injured in one of the accidents, a state patrol said in a statement. The I-40 was forced to close in both directions for more than 9 hours due to circumstances and devastation. A total of 38 vehicles were damaged and more than 50 drivers were stranded as a result of the accident and shutdown. Authorities used bus service to shuttle upset drivers to a safe place. Just 15 minutes ago, an emergency call was made that several vehicles had collided near the town of Wayne, before the deadly pile of calls in Pork. “Snow conditions near the whiteout are likely to be a factor in the investigation,” the Sheriff office in Washington County, Wisconsin said in a Facebook post. In neighboring Dodge County, the National Weather Service (NWS) reported 3.5 inches of snow on Wednesday, keeping temperatures below freezing throughout the day. At the nearby Westbend Municipal Airport, reported visibility diminished most late in the morning. In other parts of the country, cold and snow were very destructive, causing record cold in several parts of Heartland. Colorado Rockies first baseman CJ Cron was in charge of his position in nine of the team’s baseball games against the Houston Astros in Denver on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 in the cold and snow. Standing inside. The Rockies won 6-3. (AP Photo / David Zalubowski) In Denver, temperatures peaked at 32 degrees Celsius, well below the average maximum temperature of 66 degrees Celsius on April 21 in Mile High City. It snowed more. Denver International Airport recorded an additional 2 inches of snow on Wednesday, pushing the total season to 79.6 inches, surpassing the total 79 inches of snow in the 1991-1992 season and the 2020-2021 season in Denver. It has been the snowiest in the city since the 1983-1984 season. According to NWS records, we have aggregated 80.9 inches. The snow also interfered with the Major League Baseball match between the Colorado Rockies and the Houston Astros on Wednesday in Coors Field, Denver. The team was seen playing a video in a steady snowfall, with some solid defensive play despite winter conditions. The Rocky Mountains won 6-3. The few fans who bravely confronted the cruel situation were terribly bundled, news photos showed. As the meteorological system spread to the east, it brought record cold dates to many parts of the central part of the country. The low temperature in Oklahoma City plunged to 29 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, breaking the past record of 34 degrees Celsius, reaching three times in 1893, 1927 and 1966. In Texas, Dallas bottomed out at 35 degrees Celsius. Easily broke the previous record of 39 degrees since 1918. Further south of Texas, mercury plummeted to 37 degrees in Waco, annihilating the 43 degree record dated 111 years. No one seems to have escaped the freezing temperature of bones. In Little Rock, Arkansas, we also saw an old record on April 21 fall as temperatures plummeted. The low of 35 broke the previous 39 records of hits in 1936, 1953 and 1983. More snowfall records fell in the north and east. According to the NWS, 3.1-inch snow was measured on Wednesday in Buffalo, breaking the past record for the 1.3-inch day that fell in 1934. Not far from Rochester, another snow record fell. The NWS reported that a 2.8-inch accumulation was measured, breaking the 1.5-inch record dated since 1978. Also, AccuWeather forecasters say that the unpleasant cold temperatures are nationwide. Millions of people in and around the cities above and below the I-95 Corridor from Kansas City to Chicago, Atlanta are expected to be under threat of frost and freezing until Friday morning, with temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius above normal. It will be lower. season. Keep checking and keep an eye out for DirecTV, Frontier, Spectrum, FuboTV, Philo, and Verizon Fios’ AccuWeather networks.