The streaky Celtics hit the cold spot at a bad time with the defeat of Game 5


San Francisco (AP) — The Boston Celtics were stuck in a deep hole, unable to create a three-pointer to start the game. Then they couldn’t miss it and turned the game around.

But when the shooting outside made them fail in one fell swoop, the Celtics had no answer to the Golden State Warriors and are now back home on the brink of their next defeat. 104-94 defeat in Game 5 of the NBA Finals Monday night.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the Celtics became the first team to miss the first 12 shots from a long distance on a roller coaster like never before in the NBA Finals, and then the first to make a 3 to 8 straight. I became a team.

After suffering their first consecutive defeat in this postseason on Thursday night, they missed seven games and returned to Game 6 on Thursday night. The Celtics aim to turn things around and force a decisive seventh match in San Francisco on Sunday, but they need much more consistency from three.

The scoreboard went below 16 points early on when the Celtics couldn’t roll a three, after Jayson Tatum and Al Horford made three consecutive pointers in the middle of the third quarter. Reflected the shot outside Boston.

With another addition by Marcus Smart, Boston made the first five three-pointers (including three from Tatum) in the third quarter, leading 66-61 after a three-point play from Grant Williams. did.

The Celtics then missed the next seven from a long distance, Jaylen Brown missed a pull-up with six seconds left, and Boston was late to return to defense, a key point at the end of the third quarter leading to the buzzer beater. Came. From Jordan Poole 3 who led the Golden State.

Boston’s frustration boiled at the beginning of the fourth quarter when Klay Thompson hit three pointers in a play he wanted a push-off called the Celtics. Early technical acquisition Ime Udoka was enthusiastic about the official Tony Brothers during the time-out and was built from there.

Smart was required to have his own technical foul on his next possession, and then an offensive foul on an inbound pass and a delay in game alerts. The pool made a basket at the other end and Boston’s 5 points from the third quarter turned into a deficit of 85-74.

It was too late for the Celtics, who had been complaining much of the fourth quarter by the time Tatum broke the cold spells later in the game.


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