The Supreme Court agrees to determine if the gun owner has the right to carry the weapon in public

The Supreme Court believes that morning mist remains on Capitol Hill, Washington, on Wednesday, October 21, 2020.  (AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite)

The Supreme Court believes that morning mist remains on Capitol Hill in Washington in October 2020. (AP)

The Supreme Court will hear major gun rights claims on Monday and decide whether to give law-abiding individuals the right to carry loaded pistols when leaving the house, regardless of local restrictions. I agreed.

At issue are California, New York, and six other states, giving “hidden carry” permits to anyone who can show that they have a “special need” or “just cause” to arm. It is a law that strictly limits. These permits are rarely granted in Los Angeles, New York, and other cities.

“It’s time for this court to reaffirm the basic right of citizens to carry pistols for self-defense,” Washington lawyer Paul D. Clement said in an appeals court. On behalf of New York Rifles & Pistol Asun..

This case could be the most important test of the second amendment in 10 years. In 2008, the court ruled for the first time that the Constitution gave individuals the right to own guns for self-defense, invalidating the Washington, DC ordinance banning all private property of pistols. Two years later, the court revoked a similar pistol ban in Chicago.

Since then, judges have steadily dismissed appeals that challenge other gun laws, including measures that limit who can obtain permission to carry guns in public. However, the three latest judges (all Trump appointees) have shown in the past that they support stronger protection of gun rights under the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

According to California law, gun owners can apply for a hidden carry-on permit from a local law enforcement agency, and a sheriff or police chief tells the applicant that the applicant has a “good moral character” and a “just cause.” You may be allowed if you decide you have one. Loaded pistol.

The Los Angeles Police Department has stated to applicants or their families that “if there is clear and convincing evidence of a life or physical hazard, there is a good reason.”

“Due to restrictive practices in some California cities and counties, the latest data show that there are only 120,582 hidden carry license holders across California, which is a small part of California’s adult population. It’s 0.39%. ” The court was told by several law enforcement groups, Includes California Sheriffs Assn.

In New York, about 1.2% of adults hold a “carry” license. In contrast, the neighboring state of Pennsylvania has a “issuing” policy that grants permits to eligible residents to apply, and about 14% of its adults have permission to carry weapons, the group said. .. They said that 28% of adults in Alabama have a mobile permit, which is the highest percentage in the country.

Other states with more restrictive “potential issuance” policies are Hawaii, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Delaware, and Rhode Island.

The New York proceedings began when Robert Nash and Brandon Koch, who live near Albany, applied for a hidden carry permit. Nash quoted “a recent series of robbers in his neighborhood.” However, both were refused because they “did not show a special need for outstanding self-defense. [them] From the general public. “

They filed a proceeding with the State Rifle Association alleging infringement of rights under the Second Amendment to the Constitution. They may be defeated in front of a federal judge and a second circuit court holding the state, limiting who carries hidden weapons in public.

For New York rifles and pistol pistols, the court will hear the debate in the fall. Against collet.

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..

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