The surgeon removes the wrong organ.Now a Fresno woman is complaining and is back in the operating room


According to the lawsuit, the Fresno woman is seeking financial damages after a doctor removes the spleen instead of a sick kidney. This was a mistake that “surprised” the pathologist.

According to medical experts, women’s Sarajane Parfit needs another surgery to remove the kidneys, and removal of the spleen makes them more susceptible to serious infections. A proceeding filed in the Fresno County Superior Court in June alleges that this mistake caused “serious mental distress” in Palfit.

Paul Pimentel, a Parfitt lawyer, described the surgical error as “insane … I’ve never heard of this in this community.”

The case was named by Dr. Narayana Ambati of the Community Community Health Center and Urology Associates in Central California. Another doctor identified as Shahin Chandrasoma in Pasadena is also mentioned.

Efforts to reach Amberty have failed. Mike Ball, a partner at Fresno’s law firm McCormick, Barstow, answered the question:

“The case involving patient Parfitt was the subject of a full (California Public Health) investigation last summer. Dr. Amberty was not involved in nephrectomy. The surgeon was actually total. Dr. Chandrasoma, Acting Bishop. He is not affiliated with UACC. Curiously, he was not nominated in a recent lawsuit, but is mentioned in paragraphs 10 and 12. Chandrasoma I don’t know who represents him. “

The Locum Act is a visiting surgeon. Efforts to reach Chandrasoma on Friday have failed.

Pimentel also said that Amberty may not have had surgery, but he “did not confirm it.”

In response to the proceedings, the Community Community Health Center issued the following statement:

“We would like to express our sympathies to the patient Sarah Jane Parfit and his family during this difficult time. This proceeding is pending and cannot be commented.”

Mr Pimentel said he hopes the case will be resolved outside the courtroom.

“Doctors don’t want this case to follow him,” Pimentel said.

“99 percent of cases are settled out of court,” he added. “In fact, this is so terrible that they should calm down.”

Bees did not receive a response from the California Public Health Service on Friday regarding the surgical investigation.

The surgery was performed in June 2021. According to court documents, no mistakes were detected for several days after the kidney was sent to a pathologist until the kidney was examined. The pathologist said, “I was so surprised that I asked another pathologist to confirm my diagnosis.” Eventually, all five pathologists agreed to an organ that was submitted for examination and the left kidney was identified as actually the spleen.

According to the Mayo Clinic, when the spleen is removed, other organs generally take over its function, but the risk of serious infections increases and patients without the spleen have difficulty recovering from the disease. Become.

According to LAist, in a similar case in Orange County, California in 2017, a Santa Ana urologist was barred from further kidney surgery after removing the patient’s spleen instead of the kidney. He also needed to have another urologist at hand whenever he performed other procedures.

The case will return to court on October 13.