The Switch version of “Fortress Night” has increased the frame rate and resolution, while losing weight

Switch Fortnite

Switch Fortnite

Epic Games launches Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch consoleUpdate, The focus is on improving the frame number and resolution of the game, because the renderer has been improved to make better use of the GPU’s capabilities.

According to Epic, after the update, the game will have a more stable frame rate, less screen freezes, and it will also be upgraded from the original 1,000 x 560 (portable mode) and 1,390 x 780 (TV mode) resolutions to 1,170 x 660 and 1,560 x 880, the number of pixels in the portable mode is 38% higher. The dynamic resolution function in the game will also be retained, but it is said that the number of activations will be reduced.

Even better is that the file size of the Switch version of “Fortnite” has been reduced by 140MB, but the total volume of 11.2GB is still the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, in contrast to other host platforms, due to the limitations of hardware specifications, Switch players still do not have the enjoyment of 4K Ultra HD, and they have to look forward to the upgraded version of Switch in the future.

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