The Taliban are working to “isolate” Kabul, but capital is not at “imminent” risk


Pentagon, Kabul, Afghanistan, Not at risk of “imminent” falling into the Taliban.

“Kabul is not currently in an imminent threatening environment, but obviously, if you look at what David and the Taliban are doing, you can see that they are trying to be isolated. If they achieve that isolation, they I think they are the only ones who can talk about what they want to do. “

U.S. military “temporarily deploys” to Afghanistan to assist diplomats in evacuation

The Taliban rallyed a week-long military attack, rapidly gaining territory in different parts of the country, and said it was “certainly concerned” with the Pentagon.

A few hours before the briefing, Captive radical group Kandahar and Herat, the former are important given their location and mark the 14th capital of the Taliban Under their control, There are 34 nationwide.

“We realized with great concern about the speed at which they were moving and the lack of resistance they were facing,” Kirby added.

NS Deteriorating situation In Afghanistan, the Biden administration will take Thursday Deployment of thousands of troops Although they leave the embassy open to support the withdrawal of US diplomats from Afghanistan.

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A “bulk” of 3,000 troops heading to Afghanistan will be there by the weekend.

The plan is for these army Kirby said yesterday that he would be leaving Afghanistan by the end of the month, which coincides with the date Joe Biden set a full withdrawal.

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