The Taliban believes it is not so easy to establish an undemocratic Afghan government under Shari’a law

Protest in Kabul

Protest in Kabul Wakirkosar / AFP / Getty Images

“For more than 20 years, the Taliban have proved they know how to revolt,” in Afghanistan. New York Times Thursday report.. “In the last five days, there have been ominous signs that we have not yet learned how to run the country.” The Taliban marked Afghanistan’s Independence Day on Thursday. This celebrates the liberation from British rule in 1919. support Their successful “jihad resistance” to “another arrogant power of the world, the United States”.

But the protests against the Taliban Occurred on wednesday In Jalal-Abad and Khost, which were severely suppressed by the Taliban army, Spread over Kabul Includes near the presidential residence on Thursday.Some opposition numbers are converging Last holdout, Panjshir Valley, aims to revive the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance for armed resistance.

“Many ATMs have run out of cash and are concerned about rising food prices in the country, which is dependent on imports for the 38 million people, so the Taliban hit them without the level of international aid they enjoyed. Faced with all the challenges of the defeated civilian government. ” Associated Press Report.. The Taliban have so far lost access to Afghanistan’s $ 9 billion foreign exchange reserves, most of which have been virtually frozen by the United States, with assistance from the International Monetary Fund, at least until Afghanistan establishes a new government. And development funds are off limits. The Taliban has income from mining, tariffs and drug smuggling, The Wall Street Journal Report..

Taliban official Wahedura Hashimi To tell Reuters Afghanistan will probably be governed by the ruling council in response to the Taliban’s supreme leader, Hibatullah Akhnzada. The Taliban leadership will meet later this week to discuss the new government, he added, but “there will be no democratic system as it has no foundation in our country” and the new The political system is “clear: it’s the law that is Sharia and that’s it.” The system would be similar to the one adopted by the Taliban when it last ruled Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001.

Another Taliban Leader I told reporters in Afghanistan on Tuesday This time women will have more rights, including access to work and education, but Hashimi Said Reuters That “our [scholars] Determine if the girl is allowed to go to school and if she needs to wear a hijab, burqa, or only [a] Whether it’s a veil and abaya or something. It’s up to them. “

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