The Taliban was the third capital city occupied on Sunday and occupied the city of Kunduz with a big victory.


The Taliban reported on Sunday that the group had taken control of Kunduz, the first collapsed metropolis since it launched a territorial attack earlier this summer. New York Times..

News promotion: Kunduz is one of the three northern capitals occupied by the Taliban on Sunday alone. The group also occupied the city of Turrican in Turrican and the city of Saripur in the state. Same name, Report the Times.

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Important reason: The Taliban’s escalating success raises the looming problem for the United States. Complete withdrawal of troops on August 31.. This withdrawal is consistent with the Taliban’s large and rapid acquisition of territory and the rapid increase in violence.

Big picture: The capture of Sar-e Pol in northern Afghanistan took place after several days of fierce fighting, the Times said.

  • Friday, taliban Occupy the city of Zaranj, The capital of Nimruz.

  • On Saturday, the Taliban seized Sheberghan, the capital of Joe’s Jean near the Turkmenistan border. CNN..

Collapse of Kunuzu The city is strategically located near the border with Tajikistan and is important because it is an important political and military hub, but it is also reported to have been the site of the Taliban’s surrender in 2001. Guardian..

State of play: America Intelligence community warned The Afghan government said it could collapse as soon as the Taliban’s battlefield offensive expands next year.

  • Violence has increased significantly since the U.S. began withdrawing Thousands of Afghans run away To neighboring countries.

  • Afghans who assisted the U.S. military in the role of interpreters, contractors, or other allies Visa given To come to America.

Dig deeper: Biden defends Afghanistan’s exit as fears of collapse increase..

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