The teacher manipulated the child to change gender identity

Los Angeles (AP) — A mother who claims that her teacher secretly manipulated her 11-year-old daughter to change her gender identity and name has filed a lawsuit against a small school district in California.

A conservative legal group filed Wednesday’s allegations that the Spreadels Union School District led students on the path to a boyhood transition, driving a wedge between mother and child “extreme and exorbitant behavior.” Was responsible for.

Jessica Konen is a transgender teacher who had two junior high school teachers (later known as UBU (You Be You)) who ran a school equality club planted a seed that her daughter was bisexual in sixth grade. He said he introduced the idea of ​​being.

Legal claims, a precursor to the proceedings, occurred in the district last fall, A book widely criticized as “anti-transgender” I quoted the words of two teachers speaking at the conference about how to run an LGBTQ + club in a conservative community.

Spreckels is a spot in the town of Agricultural Salinas Valley, about 90 miles (144 km) south of San Francisco. Once the world’s largest sugar refinery, it was the setting for several scenes from the 1955 movie based on John Steinbeck’s East of Eden.

Konen said she revealed that her daughter was bisexual, but her mother said she was a boy until she was called to a meeting in the principal’s office of Buena Vista Junior High School in December 2019, when she was in seventh grade. I didn’t realize that.

She wasn’t informed of the purpose of the meeting until her daughter entered the room and sat across her table and teacher Lori Cardeira broke the news.

“I was literally surprised. I was blind,” Konen said. “I didn’t even know how it felt because I didn’t even know where it came from.”

Konen said he started crying.

She said her daughter was also surprised. She said she wanted to inform her mother, but she didn’t know they would have a meeting that day.

Konen said he tried to allow and support the school to use the boy’s name for attendance purposes, but that was difficult.

When the school moved to distance learning during the March 2020 pandemic, Konen said her daughter had begun to return to her “old self” and is now using her name.

But until this fall, Konen began to wonder how her daughter went on the path to another identity. Article by Abigail Schlier I went around the town.

In a leaked recording from a California Teachers Association meeting, Cardeira and Kelly Baraki were reported to have kept the meeting private online for new employees and discussed how they kept their “stalking” students. ..

“When we were doing virtual learning, when they weren’t working at school, we were completely stalking what they were doing at Google,” Baraki said. “One of them was searching Google for” Transgender Day of Cognition. ” And we are like a “check”. When you return to campus, invite the child. “

Neither Cardeira nor Baraki were asked to comment by the Associated Press. Cardeira told the San Francisco Chronicle The citation was accurate, but out of context or misrepresented. She said the stalker’s comment was a joke.

Cardeira, Person who was commended as a role model of inclusionDefending their work, the students set the agenda and the teachers were there to provide honest and fair answers to the questions.

The teacher took a leave of absence in November. They attended the meeting at their own time, but the district said, “Many of the comments and themes in the article are alarming, worried, and disappointed,” their policy. Did not reflect.

The district hired a law firm to investigate, but it was underway and the UBU club was suspended.

Mr. Konen was applauded when he blew up a member of the school board at a meeting in December, saying that the teacher had deprived her of her parents’ abilities.

Director Eric Tararo said the legal allegations were dealt with in the judicial system and personnel policy could not reveal whether teachers returned to school. He said the district is reviewing and updating the student club policy.

According to the California Teachers Association, this conference is one of dozens of conferences each year to help educators understand the need to protect students from discrimination such as sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. increase.

It criticized the group that filed the proceedings and stated that it was using the proceedings to raise funds for that purpose.

“We are currently concerned about the political situation in which external political forces are fueling turmoil and misinformation and trying to divide the parents, educators and school communities for their own political interests. This complaint is clear, “said spokeswoman Lisa Gardiner. The Center for American Liberty is interested in promoting its own political agenda through proceedings and has filed multiple proceedings against various school districts and communities. “

One of Konen’s main complaints was that she was exposed to the darkness of the school about her daughter’s participation in the club, provision by a literary teacher, and a “gender support plan” by the manager. She said her daughter was even taught how to make a binder to prevent her breasts from developing.

“Parents should have access to all the educational records of their children,” said Harmeet Dillon, a lawyer who filed the proceedings. “You know the concept that schools have the right to keep secrets, run clubs that don’t teach parents, programs that don’t teach parents, and actively teach children how to disconnect themselves. It’s not that. Enlarging your chest is certainly not in line with California law. “

However, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, under state and federal law, students have the right to sexual orientation and gender identity. Only in limited circumstances can schools inform parents of their child’s sexual identity against their wishes.

“Outside school, these students can face equally potential hostility at home, depending on who they are,” said Lambda Legal lawyer Peter Ren. “For example, as an LGBTQ, if you let your parents unknowingly go out, in some situations it’s very likely that you’ll be kicked out of the house.”

According to Konen, her daughter is doing well in high school.

“She is still dealing with the turmoil,” Konen said. “She feels like she can breathe, as you know, she isn’t putting pressure on her.”