The teacher was told to stay home after asking his age-the adequacy of transsexual books in the school library

School Board teachers in the Waterloo Regional District were bullied after being evacuated from a school board meeting for asking questions about the appropriateness of the age of some books in the elementary school library dealing with transsexuals. , Says he was bullied.

“Members of the board used radio, television and social media to misrepresent my remarks. I feel bullied, slandered and abused,” Carolyn Bourjoski said. It states as follows. video Posted on Twitter on January 21st.

Burjoski, a teacher at the Waterloo Regional Municipal Board of Education (WRDSB) with over 20 years of experience, said, following a statement at the WRDSB meeting held online on January 17, until a formal investigation was conducted. It’s assigned to my home, “said HR. .. She also said she banned HR from contacting colleagues and students.

At the meeting on January 17, Bourjoski read an excerpt from Alex Gina’s book entitled “Rick.” In this book, the main character Rick questions sexuality because he doesn’t think of a naked girl, and later after joining the school rainbow, declares an asexual identity.

“While reading this book, I thought,’Rick is a kid, so he may not have a sexual sense yet,'” said Bourjoski.

“I’m worried that if I don’t think about naked girls all the time, I’m worried that young boys might have something wrong. Which is this for 3rd or 4th grade girls? Would you like to send a message like this? “She said. “They are children. Let them grow up in their time and stop putting pressure on them to be sexual soon.”

WRDSB Chair Scott Piatkowski interrupted Burjoski’s talk at this point and warned against making comments he said would violate Ontario’s human rights law.

Burjoski continued to cite another book, The Other Boy, by MG Sennessy. In this book, 12-year-old Shane Woods is undergoing a transsexual.

The book “makes very serious medical interventions look like a simple cure for emotional and social distress,” Brujoski said. “How Shane feels about infertility in later years.” Is not taken into consideration. “

Piatkovsky intervened again, this time removing her from the virtual conference.

“The Ontario Human Rights Code includes gender identity as the basis for discrimination. I’m worried that your comment violates it, so I’m closing the presentation,” he said. I did.

Piatkovsky said later twitter He said, “I have made a decision. The Board of Trustees upheld the decision. I support it.”

He later said in an interview CTV Burgioski’s comment was “frankly transphobia.”

In response to this news, NDP MPP Laura Meyrind, on behalf of the Kitchener Center, said: twitter, “I’m sorry that someone who opened the door to Transphobia’s comments was stopped from keeping that door open.”

WRDSB usually posts Video recording It is a record of the meeting on YouTube, but I have not posted the record of the meeting on January 17th.and statement The Board of Education, issued January 20, said the decision to withhold the video could be a violation of Ontario Human Rights Law and “harm that could affect students, staff and communities in the Waterloo region.” He said it was due to concerns about.

Burjoski says the school board has deleted the video of the meeting. “That’s why people can’t hear what I actually said,” she adds, having promoted human rights throughout her life and not doubting the existence of transgender.

“This isn’t just me, it’s all of us. Cancel culture needs to be stopped,” she said in the video. “We need to listen to each other and restore our ability to open our hearts and talk to each other. Respectful dialogue is at the core of democracy.”

Some school board councilors, including Mike Ramsey, have come to the defense of Burgioski, including Mike Ramsey, who said that Brujoski should be allowed to continue speaking.

“It’s wrong in so many ways, and I’m worried about stopping being disturbed,” Ramsey told CTV.

“I had the impression that teachers were talking about age suitability,” said councilor Cindy Watson. Cambridge Today..

The Epoch Times asked the WRDSB for comment, but did not immediately respond.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.