The Tennessee Republican almost died of COVID. Now he is fighting the mask.


Photo Illustration / Photo Getty by The Daily Beast

Photo Illustration / Photo Getty by The Daily Beast

Tennessee Parliamentarian David Bird It was recorded that he apologized to one of two ex-students who accused him of molesting them when he was a high school basketball coach in the 1980s.

“I can promise you one thing, I’m very sorry for that,” he says in the recording. Ascend With the 2018 complaint. “I’ve lived with it, but you don’t know how hard it was for me.”

A third student accused him of trying to abuse her. However, Bird admitted or explicitly denied what the three claimed, simply saying, “I did nothing wrong or inappropriate during my term as a state representative.” did not do it.

Beth Harwell, then chairman of the Tennessee House of Representatives, asked Bird to resign. He rejected and participated in many of his fellow Republican representatives in another type of cheating when the pandemic broke out.

Bird was part of an effort to minimize the threat of the coronavirus, which is no worse than the flu. He opposed basic mitigation measures such as masking and increasing social distance. He was one of the 55 Tennessee Republican representatives who signed a resolution last June claiming that:[the] The mainstream media is sensational in reporting on COVID-19 serving the political agenda. “

As Tennessee reported a record number of new COVID-19 cases in November, Bird and other members of the House Republican Caucus ignored public health recommendations for large-scale rallies for three days. Withdrew. The event took place at a lodge in Pickwick Landing State Park in the Bird district. Bird hosted a big dinner at a nearby restaurant on the first night, and of course he was one of many who didn’t wear a mask.

The day before Thanksgiving, Bird tested positive for COVID-19. He was taken by helicopter from his hometown of Waynesboro to Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville and issued a clear statement on December 7.

“Pray that God heals my lungs and that God gives me strength and patience when I fight this virus.”

He spent 55 days on the ICU ventilator.

Why not all ventilators in the world solve this

“My wife and family prayed for a miracle in the face of the very realistic prospect of planning my funeral,” he said in a statement.

He was one of the lucky ones who survived after having to intubate. But he couldn’t use his limbs at first. And he began to suffer from liver failure.

On June 12, he underwent a liver transplant. He was still recovering on July 29 when he arrived in a wheelchair in his room.

Harwell resigned due to a failure to run for governor. Her successor, Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton, prayed to Bird for missing the entire legislative session. Bird solemnly made a new oath of office.

“Life is a miraculous gift, and I can be humble beyond all possibilities and explanations and have a second chance of life,” he said in a statement later released by the Caucus. Stated.

But Bird did not mention those who died after being convinced that COVID was like the flu by elected officials like himself denying the pandemic. Bird was not a syllable of apology for contributing to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people by interfering with the fight against the virus.

Bird initially suddenly decided, “COVID is genuine and extremely dangerous,” shortly after the murder, as he did not express concern about the impact of his actions as an elected official on others. It looked like a typical giant minimizer. he.

But Bird has now surpassed himself and proved to be among the lowest.

On Wednesday night, Bird joined all 73 members of the House Republican Caucus and told Governor Bill Lee a parliamentary special to ban local mask obligations and prevent businesses from banning unvaccinated. Requested to convene a session.

Bird’s signature on the letter made him part of the deadly Doublespeak when he was breaking records when the virus infection became ill.

“Governor Lee: The Tennessee State Parliament has a constitutional obligation to enact general legislation to shape the choices, decisions and priorities of local governments, including local governments. Today, the parliament is convened and a local body. We will inform you in writing to request the convening of an extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly to address the misdirection and mandated response to COVID-19 by the and authorities. It is most urgent to act quickly because of the potential … “

Bird and other signatories are concerned about public security when, in his words, they are actually at risk of suffering everyone, such as when they feel that “every breath is painful.” I was pretending to have. This includes school district youth who have enacted mask mandates for delta variants.

“… We identify parents’ right to make decisions that reduce overkill by independent health committees and staff, affect the mental and physical health of their children, and educators are properly compensated. We believe that schools need to be assisted and directed so that COVID-19 is leaving and protects all Tennessians from false orders designed to limit their ability to make their own decisions. increase…”

And the letter didn’t stop at the mask.

“…Finally, in addition to the necessary discussions on ongoing COVID-19 obligations, the General Assembly needs to assess the continued discrimination of Tennessees by banning access to buildings solely on the basis of vaccination status. there is. “

Bird signed, saying, “Consider a vaccine,” despite the almost deadly eight-month fight against the virus.

The night before this letter was sent to the Governor, the Franklin County Board of Education met to vote for Maskman Date. The parents who spoke included Dr. Jennifer King.

How to Avoid the COVID-19 Catastrophe in Southern Schools

“As a pediatric ICU doctor, more young children were healthy before being hospitalized for respiratory failure and acute respiratory distress syndrome than in previous strains, because there are more cases of children,” she said. I told the board. “If we don’t act now, the trend will get worse.”

The Board acted by unanimously voting to impose mask mandates that allow medical and religious exemptions. Anti-maskers took some of the Promask witnesses to the parking lot and threatened to tell the proven and documented truth.

“We know who you are!” Exclaimed one anti-masker. “You are free to leave, but we will find you!”

Another warned, “Action has consequences!”

The letter sent to the governor 24 hours later was the victory of these real-faced thugs.

As the number of people infected with COVID increases, losers include the same doctors and nurses who fought hard to save Bird.

He had shown that he was already ignoring them by ignoring public health measures and getting sick in the first place.

He is now grateful to them in his own low way by working to thwart mitigation measures when the hospital is already overwhelmed. He did not respond to the request for comment from The Daily Beast.

A fellow Republican member of the effort continues to call him a “coach bird,” as if he had no reason to apologize.

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