The term of the Supreme Court that can be agreed ends with a conservative victory

Washington (AP) — A highly supportive Supreme Court term ends with a conservative decision on voting rights and disclosure of philanthropic donors, and what the next few years of rights control will look to the State Supreme Court. I was able to get a glimpse.

The court has begun summer vacation and a list of cases already resulting has been discussed in the fall. For this abortion And gun, A topic that is likely to sharpen the split rather than blur it.

However, the term the judge concluded on Thursday was unusual in some respects. Full telephone discussion for coronavirus pandemic And a new judge, Amy Coney Barrett, Boarding Court New Year month.

Her rise to the bench, the appointed third High Court of former President Donald Trump, revealed that more conservative results could be expected from the court. The court now has six appointed Republican presidents and a reduced liberal block of three judges after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in September. Barrett replaced Gimberg a month later.

Some are concerned that the left side of the court will be further weakened. Progressive has launched an aggressive public campaign to persuade 82-year-old Judge Stephen Breyer to retire. The Senate, with a small Democratic majority, will be able to see the young liberals chosen by President Joe Biden. Breyer was a mom about his plans.

However, the ideological divisions were rarely exhibited throughout the year. An unusual alliance of judges formed to determine one case and a different lineup will emerge in the next.

Many of the court’s largest proceedings were decided for the narrow reasons of the broad majority, including the Philadelphia dispute. The court unanimously ruled For Catholic social welfare agencies that oppose the marriage of homosexual couples who want to become foster parents.

Judge too Maintained affordable care for the third major Republican-led challenge And Proved high school cheerleader She was suspended from the school squad after raising her middle finger and blaming her on social media posts.

court The NCAA unanimously ruled that the university could not prevent it from trying to seduce student athletes by increasing computer and travel permits., A step in the bigger battle over the rewards of college athletes. In a multi-billion dollar battle between tech giants, The court said Google didn’t do anything wrong When you copy the Oracle code to develop an Android operating system.

Known for his practical approach to the case, Breyer is the author of the code for copyright, medical, and cheerleading cases, in a very prominent order for judges known for trying to close the ideological gap in court. was.

Breyer’s approach seemed to fit well with the goals of Judge John Roberts. Judge John Roberts has repeatedly defended the court from complaints that it is just a partisan government agency.

Roberts spent a year “to prevent really huge things from happening,” said Lisa Tucker, a law professor at Drexel University who studied the Supreme Court and said he was a progressive.

“I think we’ve seen some evasions and some near misses,” said Tucker, who described it as “there was no major disaster” for the liberals.

Scott Keller, who had been the Supreme Court of Texas for several years, put it another way. “I think the big point this season is that Roberts’ court isn’t rocking the fence. You could see it in many decisions. The Chief Justice is trying to get consensus and get consensus. One way to do this is to make a narrower decision, “Keller said.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court also leads the court with three relatively new judges, Trump’s appointed candidates, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Barrett.

Barrett joined the court on behalf of the late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, more than a month after the death of the liberal icon, shortly before the presidential election.

At a Senate confirmation hearing, Barrett faced a democratic question, suggesting she would be Trump’s rubber stamp, voting his way in the final election dispute, as the ACA did. We voted importantly to defeat “Obama Care”. Well known. It wasn’t.

In one area where Barrett made her feel and Roberts was overtaken by his more conservative colleagues, he was concerned about the restrictions on religious rallies held for the pandemic.

On the eve of Thanksgiving, Barrett provided a fifth vote to overturn the limit, Roberts objected. Prior to Gimberg’s death, he joined four liberal blocks of justice to reject similar plea.

However, the restrictions on worship caused by the pandemic were the only areas where Barrett’s important role became apparent. Otherwise, she once participated in all the women who challenged Judges Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor in the Clean Air Act proceedings, typical of the court’s most junior judges. I wrote an almost unattractive assignment.

She also worked with Roberts and Kavanaugh when three other conservative judges, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Clarence Thomas, sought a broader judgment, including a Philadelphia foster parent case. I bet a narrower position.

It is unclear at this time if the sunlight will continue among the conservatives.

However, Aziz Huq, a law professor at the University of Chicago, said the changes in court structure were affecting the incident. For a more conservative lineup, “the parties to the proceedings have changed their strategies and filed more aggressive proceedings,” Huq said.

Huq said the Mississippi complaint to revive the 15-week ban on most abortions is one such example. Prior to Ginsburg’s death, the court dismissed a similar appeal.

The new term, which begins on the first Monday of October, “will be a bigger test of this consensus approach that many have identified from this past term,” said Elizabeth Weidra, chairman of the Liberal Center for Constitutional Liability. Stated.

Conservative commentator Carrie Severino said the new term is “great to see.”

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