The Texas Capitol building is flooded during a storm. “It’s all hands-on decks,” says Governor Abbott.


The Texas Capitol flooded on Sunday during a flash flood warning as a thunderstorm lasted over Austin, officials said.

A video from inside the Capitol building showed that the corridor was flooded with a few inches of water. In another video, it rained from the ceiling to the walls, giving the impression that a storm had moved through the Capitol building.

Governor Greg Abbott tweeted that the Governor’s Commission was “working with the Governor’s Office and all applicable agencies to deal with floods in the Capitol due to the current storm in Austin” on Sunday afternoon. did.

“It’s all hands-on decks,” Abbott said in a tweet.

The damage was caused by a blockage in the stormwater drainage channel, said Chris Karens, head of the State Conservation Commission. State Conservation Commission officials assessed the damage on-site on Sunday afternoon.

Rain begins around 2:30 pm in Austin Flash flood warning issued at 2:10 pm in central Travis County According to the National Meteorological Service, it can rain more than 4 inches an hour, and an additional 1-2 inches, at least until 5:15 pm.

Floods were also reported at the University of Texas at Austin. Jonathan Sharchand shared a video on Twitter of a fountain flowing down the marble floor of the Gregory Gymnasium. About 15 minutes later, staff told the students to leave the gym, despite the ongoing storm outside, according to Sharchand.