The timeline shows suspicion of Putin’s health problems, which Ukraine claims to hide a serious illness

Left: President Vladimir Putin uncomfortablely grabbed the table at a meeting in April 2022, right, topless Putin while lifting freshly caught fish in 2017.

Left: President Vladimir Putin grabbed the table at a meeting in April 2022, right, shirtless while lifting a freshly caught fish by Putin in 2017.Kremnlin / Alexei Nikolsky / Sputnik / AFP (via Getty Images / Insider)

  • President Vladimir Putin has long sought to project an image of rich health.

  • Ukrainian officials claimed in May that he was concealing that he was “very ill” with cancer.

  • Rumors of health problems and secret surgery have continued with the Russian president for decades.

Speculation about President Vladimir Putin’s health reached enthusiasm on Sunday after former MI6 Russian spy Christopher Steele showed. Russian president can get serious illness..

Speaking of sky newsSteel said Putin’s health could be a factor in the development of the invasion of Ukraine.

Since invading Ukraine, Putin has been said to have suffered from a variety of credibility, ranging from Parkinson’s disease to dementia, due to the unstable media appearance.

Putin has grown the image of masculinity with the best fitness for decades — but Survey by independent Russian media outlet Proekt He argued that this was possible only by serious deception.

It is almost impossible to see most details about Putin’s health. His top spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, has repeatedly denied the problem. Medical experts refused to focus on rumors, As Deutsche Welle reportedClaims that an accurate diagnosis can only be made by face-to-face examination.

This is the timeline of the moment when Putin’s health is a problem.

October 2012: Kremlin denies upcoming surgery after hang gliding accident

Fall 2012 Reuters quoted three government sources Putin said he had back problems and needed surgery soon.

The Kremlin denied this, but after the Russian newspaper Vedomosti stated that Putin had been injured in a hang glider, Pescov said it was due to “normal sports injuries” in which Putin strained his muscles. As the Atlantic reported..

November 4, 2012: Kremlin drags and suppresses Putin’s footage

By the end of December 2012, Putin claimed to be wearing a corset and significantly limiting or skipping his seating promises due to possible back pain. The outlet quoted an unnamed Russian official for information.

According to Proekt, on November 4, Russia’s Unification Day, the Kremlin was limited to still photos of Putin’s appearance at the ceremony on Red Square. but, Video posted by a religious leader in Moscow I dragged my foot a little to the president.

2016-2017: At least 5 doctors wherever Putin goes

By matching the check-in dates of medical professionals with Putin’s travel schedule, Putin found that at least five doctors were regularly accompanied in these years.

Outlets reported that it included an otolaryngologist, an infectious disease specialist, a staff resuscitator, and a neurosurgeon.

November 2016: Putin disappears due to possible back surgery

From November 25th to December 1st, Putin only appeared in pre-recorded meetings, Proekt reported. Meanwhile, according to Proekt, twelve specialists, including his doctor, neurosurgeon, and rehabilitation specialist, suddenly checked in to Sochi Hospital near his residence.

May 2017: Putin falls during an ice hockey crash

President Vladimir Putin, wearing ice hockey equipment, lay on his back at a match in Sochi, Russia in 2017.

Russian President Vladimir Putin collapses on Wednesday, May 10, 2017, while participating in a night hockey league team’s gala match at the Bolshoy Ice Arena in the Black Sea Resort in Sochi, Russia.Pool photo by Yuriko Chetokov / AP photo

Putin, an avid ice hockey player, made a somersault when he hit the ground during a match in Sochi at the age of 64. CNN reported..

According to Proekt, player Pavel Bure collided with him. This was followed by an orthopedic traumatologist known for regularly treating the president who checked in to a hospital just outside Putin’s residence.

August 2017: Putin disappears with a cancer doctor

Between August 8 and 16 of that year, the president disappeared from public and Proekt reported that there was an oncologist and surgeon, Evgeny Selivanov. The presence of an otolaryngologist suggested a thyroid problem, Outlet said.

Serivanov joined Putin’s medical aides and flew to his location 35 times in four years, the outlet reported. Only the ENT doctor met him more often, Outlet said.

February 2018: Putin disappears “coldly” at the height of the campaign

President Putin disappeared from view from February 12th to 1st, 2018, exactly one month before the poll, Proekt reported. Pescov acknowledged the canceled event and said Putin had a cold. According to ABC News..

Fall 2021: COVID-19 Obsession with self-quarantine

Putin, Macron

Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron (right) in Moscow, Russia, on February 7, 2022.Kremlin Press Office / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Outbreak of COVID-19 among presidential officials last September Putin self-isolated for 2 weeks.. 10 days later he Denied poor physical condition After seeing him coughing during a video conference.

soon, The New York Times reported Putin imposed increasingly strict quarantine procedures on everyone to meet him in person, such as the need to quarantine two weeks ago and go through a disinfection tunnel.

This was a few weeks after Russia lifted most of its COVID-19 measures nationwide, the newspaper reported.

By February 2022 — as world leaders begged him not to invade Ukraine — Putin had his direct meeting. At a very long table..

April 2022: Unstable meeting footage fuels speculation

Strange footage of President Putin meeting with the Defense Minister on April 21 showed that he was holding the edge of the table and appearing uncomfortable and fidgeting. As reported by Newsweek..

The video prompted the welter, along with his bloated appearance. tabloid Speculation — Neither has been confirmed — he may be suffering from steroid treatment or the effects of Parkinson’s disease.

Further unconfirmed rumors came from an anonymous Telegram account claiming to be a former Kremlin insider.

May 2022: Anonymous oligarch says Putin has blood cancer

In early May New Lines Magazine Get the record of the Russian oligarch without a name, Putin “is very suffering from blood cancer.”

Oligarch, unaware of what was recorded, criticized Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, saying “we all want him to die” and “the problem is in his head.”

May 14: Ukraine says Putin is “very ill” and a coup is underway

Maj. Gen. Kirilo Budanov, Director of Intelligence, Ukraine Told Sky News May 14th Plans to overthrow Putin were working in RussiaAnd the 69-year-old “is in a very bad psychological and physical condition and he is very ill.”

Putin has cancer, Budanov said. He denied trying to spread the idea and publicity in favor of Ukraine.

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