The top Republican committee sent a message blaming supporters for not donating to be a traitor: “You have abandoned Trump.”

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump. Associated Press Photo / LM Otello

  • The National Republican Parliamentary Commission sent a hostile message to donors this month.

  • The group blamed those who were “traitors” and had not yet contributed to the abandonment of Trump.

  • Some Trump advisers said Washington post They were cheerful about the framing of the message.

The best GOP committee, which specializes in electing Republicans to the House of Representatives, has taken a hostile approach to some of its recent funding attempts.

This month, the National Republican Parliamentary Commission sent a fund-raising message threatening to call supporters who haven’t donated yet “traitors.” Washington post report.

“You have abandoned Trump” Text version The message said. “We were told that you were the tested, true, lifelong patriot.”

“But when we said we would get home from Nancy Pelosi and Trump would run for president … you didn’t do anything. Was Trump wrong about you?” The statement asked.

The message continued, providing recipients with a “last chance” to prove their loyalty. Otherwise, they will be a “breakout brand”. According to the statement, the donor replied in “only 17 minutes.”

According to the post, some Trump advisers were furious at the email framing, calling it unpleasant and worried that it could alienate their supporters. Trump continues to hint at the 2024 presidential election.

“The tone was completely inappropriate,” an anonymous adviser told the outlet about the Commission’s message.

A spokesperson for The Trump Organization did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment.

Former president resigned, but still Dominate the Republican Party, And a GOP strategist eager to regain control of Washington, Trump’s power and name recognition in hopes of encouraging Republican turnout large enough to bring Congress back to GOP in 2022. Targeting his devoted foundation using the realm of.

Messaging also comes as playing cards Publicly threaten Tell Republicans to support his ongoing lies about unfounded fraud. Otherwise, the Republicans will refuse to vote in 2022 and 2024.On Thursday, Trump statement He communicates the threat to his political action committee website, Save America.

“If you don’t resolve the 2020 presidential election scam (thoroughly and definitively documented), the Republicans won’t vote in 22 or 24. The Republicans have only one most important thing to do.” The statement states. Said.

Official audit and election experts have concluded that there were no widespread frauds in the 2020 elections.Department of Homeland Security The election declared “the safest in American history.”

One election expert Told the insider The ultimatum of the former president was “mainly power play,” and Trump, in addition to several other Republican officials, expressed confidence that the party could regain parliament in 2022.

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