The Tories want more hearing about Vence’s allegations, which are expected to be called Trudeau’s top aides.

Ottawa — The Federal Conservative Party demanded more hearings last week after Parliamentary Commission heard testimony suggesting that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s chief of staff was aware of allegations of illegal activity against General Jonathan Vance. ing.

Members of the House of Commons Defense Commission will complete a report this week on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Canadian troops.

However, members of the conservative committee wrote to the committee’s clerk on Sunday, calling for further hearing on the Liberal Party’s handling of allegations against Vance, following Friday’s testimony from former Trudeau adviser Elder Marquez. ..

He told the Commission that Trudeau’s Chief of Staff Katie Telford or her assistant had instructed him to contact Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan’s office in March 2018 to discuss his allegations against Vance.

The testimony appears to be inconsistent with the sequence of events presented by Sajan, raising new questions about what Trudeau knew about the allegations before the release of the Global News report in February.

The Conservatives are expected to pressure Telford to appear in front of the committee if members agree to further hearings.

“Katey Telford appears to have played a central role in the allegations against former General Jonathan Vance, so members of the Commission must urgently and publicly reconvene to discuss witness issues. I believe, “the Tories wrote to the clerk.

At a private meeting on March 1, 2018, the Liberal government did nothing more after Gary Wolborn, then military ombudsman, first told Sajan about allegations of sexual misconduct involving Vance. Has been accused of being.

The nature of the allegations flagged by Walbourne has not been publicly confirmed, but Global News allegedly was sent to much younger military personnel in 2012 before Vance became Secretary of Defense in 2015. Reported that it contained an email.

The outlet reported that Vance had no memory of the email, but if he sent it, he intended it as a joke, and would be willing to apologize.

Trudeau denied personal knowledge of the allegations until the news was reported on February 2. However, Marquez’s testimony indicates that Telford may have known about it in front of the Privy Council Office.

The revelation also added a new layer to Sajan’s account to the Defense Commission earlier this month, and his then Chief of Staff Jita Astrabas reached out to Marquez instead of vice versa. Sajan’s testimony does not mention Telford.

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