The town of Johnson County gives way to the expansion of the industrial park, despite the plea of ​​its neighbors

The Edgerton City Council hit surrounding homeowners on Thursday as it agreed to repartition hundreds of acres of rural land to give way to a major expansion of the industrial park.

Hundreds of inhabitants have fought the expansion, many of them living outside the unincorporated areas of Edgerton in Johnson County and Miami County. They are dissatisfied with Edgerton’s leaders paving the way for more warehouses to be developed in Logsitics Park in Kansas City, where more farmland continues to be annexed and invaded.

They say their quiet, rural lifestyle is threatened as industrial parks continue to expand south of Interstate 35. 300 residents petitioning Miami County to build their own city. They want to protect their borders and protect their surrounding farmlands by incorporating them into their towns.

Developers claim that the growth of the industrial park has brought overwhelming benefits to the region as a whole, resulting in 4,800 jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue.

The· Multimodal Logistics Park Kansas City Formed in 2013, it has become a major hub for employment in a small town with 1,700 inhabitants. Today, the park spans dozens of buildings and is home to industry giants such as Amazon, Walmart, and UPS.

NorthPoint Development, a national developer of commercial and industrial projects based on the riverside of Northland in Kansas City, is working to expand the second phase of the park. In 2018, NorthPoint added a warehouse For the first time south of I-35 It is currently home to the hostess and Kubota Tractor Corporation.

And now it’s buying nearly 800 acres south of the interstate and giving way to at least 11 new warehouses. Last month, the Edgerton City Council approved the rezoning of more than 130 of these acres from rural to industrial land.

And on Thursday night, the city council agreed to subdivide another 540 acres of land. An additional 106 acres will be voted this summer.

The city council was divided by whether to approve the rezoning request, city council member Joshua Beem voted against all proposals, and city council member Ron Conus voted against many of them.

A petition The battle to prevent the expansion of the industrial park has won nearly 3,000 signatures.

Approving rezoning is only the first step for developers.

NorthPoint can then submit a site plan for new warehouse development to the city council. The city council has previously decided that projects built in the second phase of industrial park development will be granted a 100% property tax reduction for 10 years.

Meanwhile, residents continue to oppose the expanding industrial park near their home in Miami County.They submitted Petition to build their own town To the Miami County Commission to consider on June 23.

If approved, the new city will span 9 square miles near Spring Hill, Gardner and Edgerton and will have more than 700 inhabitants.