The town of New Brunswick fascinated by a mysterious figure who provides clues to hidden cash

The community in eastern New Brunswick is fascinated by the mysterious game of residents following clues and searching for hidden $ 50 and $ 100 invoices.

“Hunting is a lot of fun,” Miramichi resident Savannah Harris said in an interview on Sunday. She said, “I’ll bring my brother. It’s high energy. You’re looking everywhere.”

Last week, I found six $ 100 prizes.

No one knows who is behind the game. Facebook users call themselves Roman Dungarvan.

The first hunt began on May 2, when Dangerban shared clues to find the $ 100 hidden in Ritchie Wharf. Subsequent clues will appear on the Miramichi Mystery Machine’s Facebook page, and successful searchers will announce when they find cash.

This group has become a place for people to brainstorm about solutions and share progress photos.

According to the group, Dangerban took his name from a ghost story about a young cook who was killed and buried in a lumber camp along the Dangerbon River in the late 1800s. According to local folklore, he has been haunting the place to this day and making a terrible “groan”.

The main photo of your Facebook account shows a faceless person in a black hood.

“Watch out for the screams you still hear at night,” says the page description.

When Harris joined the Facebook group last week, it had about 400 members. As of Sunday night, there were more than 2,200 followers.

Clues usually include horror movie references. One of the clues was a photo of the “Friday the 13th” series, in which a dog named Gordon appeared. The cash for that round was hidden in Gordon’s Wharf near the mouth of the Miramichi River.

On the other hand, Danger Van seems to be watching when players are looking for the latest stash.

A message on the Facebook page warned of the fact that Samantha Savoie was near a hidden prize on Friday. Dangerban posted that the person in the gray hoodie (the one Savoie wore that day) was “very close.”

Later, Savoie saw a nearby searcher raid and found cash hidden in a small silver case.

“I was really happy with the winning woman, but well, we were very close,” Saboa said in an interview.

No one seems to know who the Danger Bang is or why people decided to hide their money to find it. Harris said they seemed to be “trying to give back” to the community, no matter who they were.

“They really don’t want anything from it,” she said.

Dangerban encourages successful searchers to donate a portion of their prize money to a local food bank.

One member of the Mystery Machine Facebook group thanked Danger Van for creating the game. This game played children outside and “made memories”.

Danger Van replied online: I wanted to go out and enjoy the community. “

Savoie said the game brought some excitement to the town. “Usually there isn’t much to do with Miramichi, so this gives you a kind of rush.”

Amid growing interest, Dangerban has promised a $ 1,300 worth of searches on Friday the 13th, and invitations have been sent to people outside the town.

Savoie and Harris haven’t found cash yet, but hope Friday the 13th will be a lucky day.

Lindsay Armstrong

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