The transition of Travis Hunter to HBCU is the latest and annoying change for the establishment.

Opinion: The new interest in HBCU, a black preparation star, and the recent changes in rules by the NCAA have upset fans today.

Travis Hunter

Travis Hunter, a top football recruit, is heading to Jackson State University. (YouTube screenshot)

Like the precious rookie Travis Hunter, Jackson State University coach Deion Sanders has a lot of courage.

Those nerves! Obviously, they don’t know their position in the multi-billion dollar industrial park of college football. The best talent is always at the most well-known and most prominent universities. Power5 conference Consider monopolizing crème de la crème as their innate right. This is an old-fashioned tradition that goes back to the baby step of integration.

Yes, very long ago (1969), No. 1 Texas calls No. 2 Arkansas “Century game, “There is a black player on either roster. Yes, a week ago, the all-black Florida A & M defeated virtually all-white Tampa. A true breakthrough.. And yes, the Hollywood measured turning point dates back to 1970. USC, the first fully integrated team to play in Alabama, Bear Bryant Boys, And Crimson Tide then revised its admission policy.

New customs have taken root throughout the country, including the late Deep South. Aggressive and invasive species choked the fertile soil of HBCU, which once produced generations of athletes who were forbidden to attend other colleges. Given its evolution, I thought that a school like Jackson State University would surprise Power Broker. Turned over the script Then, we landed a player like a hunter who is the top recruit in the whole country.

I did not know They will be this shake..

Jackson State University and Mississippi Valley State University are NFL legendary Walter Payton and Jerry Rice alma mater, respectively. Winston-Salem and Grand Bring gave birth to the NBA’s greats Earl Monroe and Willis Reed. But the glorious days of HBCU have long gone by in athletics. Due to its size, resources and exposure, mostly white institutions will continue to attract the majority of good black players.

However, some of the recent new hires who could play anywhere chose HBCU.And the number of preparatory stars that would not have considered HBCU a few years ago is increasing. Have them take a closer look.. Hunter’s decision to reject Florida has caused more catering since its inception and is already barking about other changes to the system over the past year. Players now enjoy the rights previously reserved for coaches. Win a backing transaction You can easily change campuses — and your boss is angry.

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney on news of the hunter’s decision to dominate the signing date Aimed at NCAA’s relaxed transfer rules, Allows players to switch schools and play immediately. “To be honest with you, it’s crazy, it’s really sad,” he said. Swinnie did not comment on his ability to change schools and coach immediately. I think he agrees.

Olemis coach Lane Kiffin said players weren’t bothered by the new ability to make money from their brand. But he sounds like critics are “worried” that players can’t handle compensation —Or negotiation.. “I really want these kids to get all the money promised at these schools,” Kiffin said. I’m not saying it’s a fake concern, but certainly: we all hope that they respect their commitment.

Recent developments have been bad enough from a management perspective. However, the Power 5 school that lost the first freshman to HBCU is blasphemy. Current fans quickly showed their true colors: fiery oranges, raging reds, and Snow White.

Fox Sports Radio’s Doug Gottlieb called Hunter’s move an “obvious mistake.” Not just about footballBut “everyone wants to be a UGA, FSU, Texas A & M alum for the help of the workforce.” “Love” Sanders for past feats and “love” hunters in anticipation. Florida State University Fans I started dragging the two On previous social media announcement Ended. The day before, FSU coach Mike Nobel signed an extension of the contract.The next day, the fans Asked for his firing..

But praise to Nobel React like a rational adult After the hunter’s shock. He called on fans to “respect decisions and celebrate achievements” as athletes “realize their childhood dreams of signing scholarships.” Given the surge in hunter name recognition and value after choosing Sanders and JSU, this move makes business sense. And, of course, hunters have always imagined themselves in Florida, which makes cultural sense. “It’s a dream that’s hard to let go.” He said in a statement.. “But sometimes we are called in to step into a future that is bigger than we can imagine.”

Especially if the authority has such limited imagination about top new hires and their suitable locations.

Award-winning columnist, Black Door Ventures, Inc. Principal Delon Snyder is a veteran journalist, strategic expert, writer and adjunct professor. Originally from Brooklyn, HU-You Know Alpha, he lives in Washington, DC with his wife Vanessa and daughter’s mothers Sierra and Sequoia. For more information, please visit

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