The truck driver is a hard-working Canadian, “deserving a voice,” says Tory lawmaker Thomas.

Truck drivers protesting in Ottawa deserve their voice, and Conservative lawmakers say that Justin Trudeau’s refusal to meet them shows that he is ignoring democracy. Says.

“They are [truckers] Hard-working Canadians, they deserve to have a say, they deserve to listen, “MP Rachel Thomas told The Epoch Times in an interview.

“They came to Ottawa because they were desperate. They are desperate to regain their lives. They are desperate to support their families. They are desperate to travel to meet their families. They are anxious for their loved ones to have access to the medical care they deserve. They are anxious to see our country prosper financially the way it should be. I am. “

But Trudeau doesn’t seem to want to hear them or put emphasis on their concerns, added Thomas, who represents Lethbridge’s equestrian.

and Press conference On January 26, Trudeau dismissed the protesters as “small fringe minorities” who did not have the views of the majority of Canadians.

“The small fringe minority of those on their way to Ottawa, or who have the unacceptable views they express, do not represent the views of the Canadians who were there for each other,” he arrived. In Ottawa on January 29th when I talked about the convoy.

Trudeau’s accusations of protesters have continued since they arrived in the national capital, refusing to meet them.

“Canadians have the right to protest, oppose the government and hear their voice. We always keep that right. But let’s be clear. They have ours. There is no right to block the economy, democracy, or the daily lives of fellow citizens. We must stop, “he said. Post On Twitter on February 7th.

“He just wanted to agree with himself,” said Thomas. “Making such a statement is one thing and acting on it. Justin Trudeau says he doesn’t respect democracy, he doesn’t respect the Canadian people, I have proved that I do not respect their voice. “

Thomas said the number of protesters and supporters of the movement is important and should not be ignored.

“We are talking about tens of thousands of people who have gathered on Parliamentary Hill in the past. [two weeks]”She said,” There are hundreds of thousands of Canadians standing behind them. “

This protest, called the “Freedom Convoy,” began as a demonstration by truck drivers against the federal government’s COVID-19 vaccine obligations for cross-border travel. Since then, it has become a bigger movement with the participation of many Canadians from all over the country and the expression of support for ending various COVID-19 obligations and restrictions.

Thomas, who was on Congress Hill most of the time after the protesters arrived, dismisses the general story from legacy media and some politicians that truck drivers are causing turmoil in the city.

“I had the opportunity to walk around and see for myself what was happening. Some of the observations I made were that this group was here with positive intentions and good intentions.” She said. ..

“They want to be peaceful in the demonstration. They want to help the city … When I’m walking to work in the morning, I see them shoveling snow from the sidewalk. And I see them picking up trash. “

Thomas said truck drivers want a “return to normal” and only see a “return to freedom” from COVID restrictions that have negatively impacted their lives over the last two years. rice field.

and Tweet On February 8, Trudeau said Canada needed to “keep listening to science” before it could be safely reopened.

Thomas is a pandemic on February 4, when Dr. Theresa Tam, the country’s chief public health director, “reviews” all existing COVID policies, including vaccine passports.

Mr Thomas said the truck driver’s protests may have caused some confusion for the Ottawa population, but the protesters have been peaceful and respectful since the demonstrations began.

“They are exercising their democratic rights to do so peacefully,” she said. “This is a Canadian standing for the Canadians. It’s about freedom. It’s about defending democracy. It’s about asking the government for an explanation.”

Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.

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