The twin sisters exchanged passports and traveled abroad more than 30 times using each other’s identities.

Chinese passports, Japanese yen, airline tickets arranged for photography.

According to Harbin Daily, Zhou sisters from Harbin, a city in northern China, have been arrested and are currently under investigation.Zhang Peng / Getty Images

  • A pair of Chinese twins exchanged passports and traveled abroad more than 30 times. Per Harbin Daily..

  • Sister Zhou has been arrested and is currently under investigation.

  • Before being caught, the twins used each other’s passports to fly to Japan, Russia and Thailand.

According to Chinese media, a pair of Chinese twin sisters exchanged passports and ID cards and traveled abroad more than 30 times before being arrested. Harbin Daily..

Sister Zhou from Harbin, a city in northern China, was arrested and is currently under investigation, citing local police, Outlet reported on Monday.

It all started when one of our sisters, Hong (a pseudonym issued by the authorities) wanted to travel to Japan with her Japanese husband. However, according to the outlet, her visa application to this country was repeatedly denied.

However, her twin Wei (also a pseudonym) had a valid Japanese visa, so according to Harbin Daily, Hong would take advantage of a similar look and travel with a Wei passport. I made it. Mr Hong later traveled at least 30 times between China, Japan and Russia using the same method, the outlet said, citing police.

Meanwhile, Wei used his Hong Kong passport to travel to Thailand and “other countries” four times per outlet.

Chinese officials discovered the scam earlier this year, but it’s unclear how the tactic was finally revealed, the outlet reported. According to the outlet, the two sisters returned to China in May.

This week, there was a lot of talk on Chinese social media. hashtag “Twins exchanged identities and went abroad more than 30 times.” Weibo platforms like Twitter have won more than 360 million views.

Comparing the story to a scripted movie, some Weibo users were in awe of the twins repeatedly deceiving immigration officials.

“I always had the dream of having my twins take school exams for me,” the user jokingly said.

Many also questioned the apparent lack of fingerprint checks at the border. “Even state-of-the-art technology couldn’t reveal this. It’s incredible,” the user commented.

It’s probably even more surprising how the plot was taken in China, where civilian movements are closely monitored. In 2018, China’s state media People’s Daily said The government’s facial recognition technology was able to scan the faces of 1.4 billion citizens of the country in just one second.

Strict national border control measures Further tightening of Last few months After the outbreak of several Covids spread nationwide.

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