The two arrested were not involved in the theft of Confederate chairs

New Orleans (AP) — Two lawyers arrested for possessing a Confederate monument stolen from the Alabama Cemetery misunderstood that they had nothing to do with the theft of artifacts. I called it.

The chair-shaped monument was recovered after becoming r in New Orleans It was deleted From the cemetery in Selma, Alabama. Then someone sent an email signed “White Lies Matter”, claiming responsibility, and sending a fake photo pretending that the chair had turned into a toilet.

Police in New Orleans said last week that Jason Warnick and Kathryn Diionno were arrested for stealing property. Authorities also said they were looking for another man in connection with the case.

“This is a big mistake, and it really is,” said Warnick’s leading lawyer, Michael Kennedy. “They didn’t play a role in stealing chairs. They have nothing to do with White Lies Matter.”

The strange story began on March 20 when a representative of the Allied Daughters Union reported to police that “Jefferson Davis Memorial Chairman” had disappeared from the Alabama Cemetery. The chair is not directly related to Confederate President Davis, but it is his monument that sits alongside other Confederate monuments on private land in the cemetery.

Someone previously sent an email signed “White Lies Matter” to the press, claiming responsibility, and agreed that the Allied Daughters Union would display a banner at Virginia headquarters with quotes from Black Liberation Army activists. He said the chair would only be returned if he did. “Jefferson Davis doesn’t need it anymore. A local representative of the Allied Daughters Union didn’t know to police how the value of the first theft report was determined, but the chair cost $ 500,000. He said it was worth it.

The later email contained a photo of someone dressed in Confederate clothing and posing in a chair. And finally, I received an email stating that the chair was fake and the real chair was returned intact.

Times Pikayun / New Orleans Advocate Investigators reported receiving information that the monument was stored in the tattoo shop’s vault. Police obtained an investigation warrant, but could not find it. However, surveillance videos showed a masked woman with a unique tattoo on her right forearm helping five people take a huge monument out of the store and load it behind a U-Hall van. Said the policeman. Police said Diionno had determined that he had the same tattoo (candlestick) on his right forearm.

Selma district attorney Michael Jackson said he expects Warnick and Diionno to face additional charges for theft of their chairs. Kennedy said it was a mistake because the two had nothing to do with the theft.

“If that’s their way, they’re very off-base,” Kennedy said.

Those who responded in a “White Lies Matter” speech last week couldn’t figure out why the chair was taken to New Orleans, but police were told they could get it back at a particular intersection. Said that. He wrote that he wanted to point out the racism left behind by those involved in the theft, and that he used what the writer called a little “comedy” to draw attention.

“The chairs are back, but the racial caste system is still alive and prosperous,” he said.


Chandler reported from Montgomery, Alabama.

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