The U.S. aviation industry suffered further Omicron-related turmoil on New Year’s Day weekend.

The aviation industry became even more angry over the busy New Year weekend, with more than 4,000 flights canceled on January 2 alone, more than half of the total, and 2,377 flights in the United States alone.

More than 11,200 flights on Sunday were delayed worldwide, according to, a site that collects civilian air traffic data.

Delays are one of the largest travel periods of the season, with travel counts approaching pre-pandemic levels.

The weekend ended a disastrous vacation travel season, with more than 13,000 US flights canceled from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day.

Staff shortages, bad winter weather, and the proliferation of coronavirus cases caused by Omicron variants continue to disrupt travel.

Meanwhile, the spread of new Omicron variants has undermined New Year’s festivals around the world as the government put restrictions on meetings and travel.

The Southwest was most affected by 419 cancellations and more than 950 flight delays, most airlines.

The small airline SkyWest was hit by the cancellation of flight 510.

Investors have largely avoided the holiday turmoil, even though the crisis continues into the new week.

Airline stocks are trading higher in pre-market transactions, a sign that investors are expecting for the rest of the year when travel demand is expected to increase.

Stocks in the US, United and Alaska rose nearly 1% in pre-market transactions, while stocks in Southwest Airlines rose 0.5%.

Citigroup’s aviation analyst Stephen Trent said CNBC..

“Nevertheless, higher vaccination rates and new antiviral treatments are just a factor that can make negative, kneeling stock response to the emergence of future variants look increasingly unreasonable. It’s part, “Trent said.

The US vacation travel season, including Christmas and New Year, is usually the peak time for air travel and is the most profitable for the industry, but as the rapid spread of Omicron increases the number of pilots and flight attendants, aviation The company was forced to cancel the flight. Supports staff quarantine.

U.S. airlines have dismissed or dismissed thousands of employees in the last 18 months due to vaccination mandates and pandemics, and have provided employees with significant financial incentives while on vacation. I’m having a hard time getting overtime.

Transportation across the United States is also suspending or reducing services due to a shortage of Omicron-related staff.

The TSA screened 1,616,316 passengers on New Year’s Day, up from 1,192,881 in 2021, but less than the 2,178,656 passengers screened in 2020 before the pandemic.

However, on New Year’s Eve, 1,650,795 passengers were screened, more than double the number of 805,990 passengers in the previous year.

Due to the rise in CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus incidents in the United States, some companies are expected to reduce the number of employees working in their offices in January.

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