The U.S. blacklists an additional 12 Chinese entities via military links


The US Department of Commerce has added 12 Chinese companies to the trade blacklist because of national security concerns and the involvement of companies supporting the Chinese military’s quantum computing efforts.

The November 24 list includes 27 new organizations from four countries, including China, Japan, Pakistan and Singapore, with several organizations based in China and Pakistan with Pakistan’s nuclear activities. It has been confirmed to contribute to the ballistic missile program.

“World trade and commerce should support peace, prosperity, and high-paying jobs, not national security risks,” Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said in a statement Wednesday.

The added entities include three affiliates of the Chinese company Corad Technology Limited in Shenzhen, Singapore, and Japan. The Hong Kong-based company was added to the Entity List in 2019 for selling US technology to Iran’s military and space programs.

Eight Technology Companies in China — Hangzhou Zhongke Microelectronics Co., Ltd., Hunan Goke Microelectronics, New H3C Semiconductor Technologies Co., Ltd., Xi’an Aerospace Huaxun Technology, Yunchip Microelectronics, Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale, Quantum CTek Co. , And Shanghai QuantumCTeck Co., Ltd — are emerging U.S. technologies to advance the Chinese military at the forefront of quantum computing, including the development of anti-submarine weapons, decryption of encryption, and the creation of unbreakable encryption. Is blocked due to efforts to steal.

Three China-based companies have been added to the list, including Shaanxi Zhi En Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd, Poly Asia Pacific Ltd. (PAPL), and Peaktek Company Ltd, for contributing to Pakistan’s “unsafe guarded nuclear activity.” I did.

Supplier must apply for a license before selling to these companies, but the Industrial Security Agency states that it is likely to refuse.

One of the listed Pakistan-based entities, Nine Tripod Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd., was founded in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, eastern China. The company states that it is a “specialized manufacturer of refrigeration and air treatment equipment in China” and a “high-tech company that integrates science, industry and trade.”

According to the website displayed in English, Chinese and Pakistan, it offers a series of environmental simulation tests of military equipment such as armored vehicles, military engineering vehicles, tanks and ammunition.

In 2017, it was recognized as a “progressive ground party organization”.



Eva Fu is a writer for The Epoch Times based in New York, focusing on Sino-US relations, religious freedom and human rights.