The U.S. Capitol riots have created a chilling “impossible to deny”


Professor Barbara Walters of the University of California, a civil war expert, said the riots in the U.S. Capitol couldn’t ignore the anti-democratic sentiment in the United States, denying and ignoring the fact that this cancer is actually growing. I made it possible. “

Walter, after CNN’s Donnie O’Sullivan shows her footage Donald Trump Proponents who repeatedly lied to the former president’s 2020 elections and claimed that democracy in the United States was dead said her reaction to such rhetoric just ten years ago would have been “shock and distrust.” rice field.

“I would have thought,’She is an outlier and probably does not represent anything bigger than the fringe movement,'” Walter said. “But, of course, that’s not the case anymore.”

Civil war experts said she was “but no one wanted to believe it” about the US warning sign.

“Citizens believe what they are listening to, and if they listen to it consistently long enough, if that’s all, they never think it’s a lie, they think it’s true. “She continued. Before right-wing politicians and conservative media accuse cynical leaders of “feeding them is consistently lying.”

“They no longer want democracy, so they are evoking supporters to believe that democracy is not worth defending,” she added.

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