The UK government faces legal issues over mandatory vaccines for healthcare workers

In the UK, a legal objection to the mandatory vaccine for health care workers began on Friday.

The ChallengeWith the support of the campaign group “Together”, health care workers are prevented from being relocated due to limited opportunities for relocation, or perhaps dismissed, by health care workers with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus vaccine. Comes a few days before the deadline for getting the first dose of.

Seven NHS staff members and a lawyer representing dental students sent a letter to the government before taking action.

Dr. Steve James, a consultant anesthesiologist in the intensive care unit of Kings College Hospital and who has opposed the delegation of the Secretary of State to Sajid Javid, is leading the task. Dr. Helen Westwood, a general practitioner, and Matthew Lee Taylor, a professional emergency physician, are among the claimants.

The petitioner alleged that the mission was illegal because it was compulsory, unethical, discriminatory, unnecessary, and irrational.

The government violates the “basic right to privacy and physical independence”, attacks the “necessity of informed consent for all medical care” by mandating vaccines, and fails to dismiss the importance of innate immunity. It has been accused of being “reasonable.”

The petitioner also labeled the mission to unvaccinated NHS workers as “insult” and was applauded by the public in 2020 and was considered safe until March 31st, but in April. From the 1st, he said, “I will be dismissed because it is unsafe and undesired.”

CCP virus vaccination has been a condition for deployment in care homes since November 2021. Similar obligations for the NHS and broader health care settings will come into effect on April 1. This means that the subject must start the vaccination course by February. Allows a required 8 week gap between .3 doses.

A Previous legal issues Together, which opposes the obligation to vaccinate care workers, was rejected by the High Court, which refused to allow judicial review of the regulation, but the campaign group said on a crowdfunding page that the arrival of the Omicron variant was “Completely change the landscape.. “

Until Monday, the government was asked to postpone or abandon the policy to avoid staff loss, with the mission being the “right approach”, in a report suggesting that the minister is considering a 11-hour postponement. He insisted that he proceeded as planned.

However, Javid slightly suggested on Tuesday that the planned rules had not yet been finalized.

He told the MP’s selection committee that “vaccination is the occupational obligation of all NHS workers” and the “overall principle” of vaccine obligations is “patient safety”. ..

But he acknowledged that staff loss is part of a “cost factor” that also affects patient safety.

“When we made this decision, that was the principle, and we considered it. The main variant at the time was Delta Air Lines,” said Javid, “these in the light of Omicron. It is correct to reflect everything and continue to consider all COVID policies. “

according to NHS weekly dataBy January 23, about 5% (77,591) of UK NHS staff and 18% (193,354) of social workers had not been vaccinated with the CCP virus vaccine.

The Ministry of Health did not respond to the request for comment from the Epoch Times at the time of publication.

Lily Chow


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