The UK government is proposing a curfew and electronic tags for parents who do not pay child support


Parents who do not pay child support are tagged and monitored prior to imprisonment under the new planning authority of the Child Support Service (CMS).

The government said the curfew plan announced on Saturday will continue to refuse to pay unpaid maintenance fees, along with current powers such as passport and driver’s license confiscation and income deduction orders. He said it would be another enforcement method to tackle.

He added that child support payments help save about 140,000 children from poverty each year.

As an alternative to prison sanctions, the CMS, part of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), said it is proposing a curfew monitored by electronic tags equipped with electronic monitoring services.

If the parent does not comply, the CMS can bring the parent back to court and may subsequently extend the curfew or imprisonment.

British parents must legally support their children financially. If the couple is separated, one parent will have to pay child support to the other. This can be arranged personally, but the CMS can be involved in the event of a dispute.

last year, House Charity Gingerbread The arrears of £ 408.3 million are now reported to be owed to children across the UK.

The government said the curfew acts as a deterrent by limiting and disrupting the lifestyles of non-compliant parents, for example by blocking them from going out for dinner, pubs, or holidays.

The announcement builds on new permissions introduced in March that allow services to digitize all communications to parents, track parents paying for services, calculate maintenance, and perform delinquency more effectively. To improve.

This expands the list of companies and organizations needed to inform the CMS.

DWP Minister Baroness Stedman Scott said maintenance costs can “make all the difference and save them from poverty” for children in low-income households.

“We are not afraid to chase after parents who deliberately repeatedly refuse to pay their children. The curfew ensures that the financial support they need to get the best start in their lives. It’s another step in giving the CMS full authority to make it available, “says Stedman-Scott.

In public consultationDWP said, expects the number of cases to use this enforcement force to be “very few.”

“We expect less than 10 cases per year based on the number of applications to remove passports,” he added.

Owen Evans


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