The UK government wants to reduce the employment of up to 91,000 civil servants in three years

The UK government plans to reduce the work of up to 91,000 civil servants (almost one-fifth of the current total) within three years, says the UK’s best civil servants.

In a letter to civil servants, Chief Cabinet Secretary Simon Case said the government is aiming to return to 2016 personnel levels as the number of civil servants has “substantially” increased since then. ..

He writes: “We need to consider how to develop the skills needed to streamline the workforce and continue to provide services to those who provide them, and to become more effective, lean and innovative services.”

“This is even more important when the government is focused on managing spending and providing taxpayers with the highest possible value in difficult situations,” said Mr. Case. He said he believed.

Johnson told the Daily Mail: “We must reduce government costs to reduce living costs.”

He is a civil servant CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus Pandemic.

And he suggested that the money saved might allow the government to cut taxes. “Every pound that the government preempts from taxpayers is their own priority, the money they can spend on their own lives,” he said.

The union responded to anger. The Public Communications Service (PCS) said it will hold an emergency meeting of the Executive Committee next week to discuss its response.

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka told PA news agencies that headcount reductions will affect people who are dependent on public services.

“This isn’t about efficiency, it’s about the prime minister trying to create a smoke screen to undermine the complete turmoil of the government,” he said.

The main opposition Labor Party also criticized the proposed cuts.

A Labor spokesman said, “Instead of implementing an emergency budget, we chose to disappoint workers again with meaningless rhetoric and lack of action.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg, Minister of Opportunity and Government Efficiency at Brexit, defended the planned cuts on Friday.

He told Sky News: With COVID. So there was a reason for that increase, but now it’s about to return to normal. “

A government spokesman said that as the country faces rising costs, “people naturally expect the government to set an example and operate as efficiently as possible.”

PA Media contributed to this report.

Alexander Chan