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Arizona is already in a new normal state

Bill Clark / Getty Every night at 8 pm, in Mule Mountain, Arizona and the eccentric town of Bisbee, the steep walls of Tombstone Canyon echo a fun flaca. For tens of thousands of people fighting COVID-19 in clinics and hospitals like some howls, some bark, some ips, coyotes scattered on desert nights, something else now I feel like. release. The removal of spider webs over the past year has messed up the imagination and tendencies trapped everywhere. Go through the veins of this old mining town, return to the bustling outdoor dining, climb up and down stairs that meander from the funky little thing hidden in the house to the next little thing, and return to the packed bars and roofs. A roaring call to awaken a vibrant spirit-shaking violent live music. The spirit of these nightly calls is now “we are back.” Or it might be “we are still here”. Thanks to the general laissez-faire attitude of citizens and government officials, Arizona is pandemic-swayed and often finds itself in the highest proportion of suspicious categories of states. Infection, per capita cases, and death. In mid-January, the state led the world with an average of 19 new confirmed COVIDs per capita. Careful restaurant and hotel policies in masks seen throughout Maricopa County when rushing to the fascinating Elmo Sign in Phoenix in early November. When returning to a cross-state road trip this month, the mood changed significantly, and the tensions once readable in the eyes of masked service workers were significantly softened. I went straight to Phoenix in a barrel in Las Vegas and stopped for a few nights. Spend a few nights in hip Tucson at a dispersed campsite near the trailhead of a mountain bike before heading to Bisby near the southern Mexican border. A glimpse into the near future of a post-pandemic trip, Arizona is a fascinating Petri dish, a state rich in Trump supporters and COVID denials, but advances that helped change the state from red to blue in 2020. Newly outnumbered city dwellers in the election. Travelers are much less likely to wear masks in small towns like Bisby, and much more likely to wear masks in the capital, while the overall tone is clear from vigilance to refreshing brand comfort. Changed to. In autumn and this trip. Half of the travelers who saw them walking around the Bisby store were maskless, far fewer than Phoenix and Tucson. The number of new cases fell from the seven-day average in January, but surged from the initial 10,000 to just 630. In April, most travelers and almost all service workers were on the alert. Last fall, restaurant servers and hotel clerks had an unmistakable look while serving tapas and tacos on an outdoor patio. Eat food and lose work. On this trip, I was rejuvenated even with the mask left. I stayed at several hotels in the state in November and March. In November, surrounded by the CamelBak Mountains north of Phoenix, Elmosain apparently had half its peak occupancy. Currently, the hotel is sold out every night, said Pams Waltz, director of guest experience. I had dinner in Cantina, Contessa, on my first night in Bisby, after waiting 20 minutes. At gas stations throughout the state, patrons and clerk milled maskless as well. This was a situation that should have kicked me straight out of the store last year, but I couldn’t take my eyes off this spring. On hiking trails where people regularly see people wearing masks throughout the pandemic, trekkers are much more likely to be free to breathe and burn on mountain bikes that do not cover their faces. There was no glaring. At other hotels, people wore it. All of them had masks and none of them had a shared elevator, but the pool was open, no masks and full. My girlfriend said she stepped into the bathroom of JW Marriott Camelback Inn in Scottsdale and found a sink woman with a mask under her nose. She apologized and added, “Obviously, my body is over.” This means a mask, a pandemic, or all of them. A few nights later, a curious bellhop in Omnimontercia, his mask climbed rudely under his nose. I boarded a newly built camper van, asked me what it would be like to live there, and petted an overflowing puppy before riding a golf cart to my room. We were outside so we didn’t mind the protocol slip. I know that masks aren’t really the case either, but I’m starting to feel that masks are obligatory and unnecessary. But this is how the new normal works. We adhere to the rules, but not because of fear, but because we’ve become accustomed to the rules, because we know that the social order requires it, and that’s why I finally went to the public sauna. I entered when I returned to my hometown of Portland in March. The pandemic was new, realistic and horrifying, but when I entered this space at a yoga studio and spa where I bought a one-month membership and enacted a careful disinfection protocol, I felt safe alone. I did. It was welcomed that I was not welcomed. The clerk at the front desk was clearly confused and was probably afraid that he was selfish enough to visit the spa at the beginning of the outbreak of the virus, which I was not familiar with at the time. I didn’t get lost, most of the roads next year, most of them made a few short trips on their own, but as carefully as possible and with the people who serve me at risk of life in mind. .. I secured a COVID test and traveled to Hawaii in November. Following that letter, local and state legislators outlined a protocol for safely and carefully resuming tourism. My logic in traveling to Hawaii was that I arrived with a negative test result at hand, moved around with the fewest cases in the country, and supported the business I urgently needed. I felt welcome, but I was nervous. No one really knew whether even the most careful resumption of the nation, which took the pandemic more seriously than any other nation, was a sound idea. As part of my experiment, I felt the tension I felt as a traveler, but now I don’t feel that tension at all. That doesn’t mean that traveling is safe even now that I was vaccinated along the way. Cases in several states across the United States are skyrocketing, mainly caused by COVID mutants that my vaccine may or may not protect. The CDC recently released a misleading saying about whether it’s okay to travel once vaccinated. There are many reasons to stay at home, but at least there are many reasons to leave the plane. And overwhelming death, it’s unlikely. Jeff Barotti, CEO of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, told CNBC that hotels have had the highest occupancy rates across the country since the pandemic began. Arizona’s Spring Break has been officially canceled at most universities to avoid the mayhem that occurred in areas like Miami. There are no events such as spring training in baseball or festivals that usually attract visitors to the state. But still, Swarts says people come in large numbers. “They play golf, eat out, and the restaurants in town are booming,” she said. Swarts went to Scottsdale’s restaurant, Grassroots, for dinner on Tuesday’s birthday. All tables were full. Mandy Heflin’s fresh seafood business, Chula Seafood, has survived the pandemic, partly because the restaurant’s counter service model has seamlessly transitioned to takeaway only. Currently, her challenge is not finding customers. It’s about finding employees who are willing to work. “No one comes in,” she said. “Usually we run ads that lead to 5-10 applicants per ad. Arizona is now in high season, comfortable and warm, and still can’t stand the infamous summer temperature of 115 degrees Celsius. Consistent with the natural slowdown in summer tourist traffic, as the heat melts the Radider sensation I experienced last month when the fourth surge of COVID cases comes, as I currently predict. May … Hope Bisby’s nightly howl doesn’t fade anytime soon. Find out more at Daily Beast. Get the top story in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.