The UK has issued a stricter ruling for illegal immigrants bidding to prevent channel crossings

The Interior Ministry has announced that enablers smuggling illegal immigrants and their people on small boats to Britain will face heavier imprisonment to prevent “shopping in asylum.”

Tighter enforcement is one of the nationality and border bills to be first read at the House of Commons on Tuesday as part of Home Secretary Priti Patel’s commitment to “correct” Britain’s “broken asylum system.” Form a part.

The proposed law is intended to make it a criminal offense to deliberately arrive in the UK without permission, and the maximum sentence for illegal immigrants will be increased from six months in prison to four years.

The government is also planning to raise tariffs on smugglers, raising convicted people from the current up to 14 years.

The Interior Ministry said Steerner’s punishment was a bid to prevent “shopping for asylum,” and some immigrants “other than Britain” when asylum could have been claimed early in their journey to Europe. I chose it as a more favorable destination. “

The provisions contained in the law extend crimes that arrive illegally, including arrival as well as entry into the United Kingdom.

The move is designed to allow people intercepted in British waters to be brought into the country for prosecution, the aide said.

The bill will be announced after nearly 6,000 people arrive in the UK in the first six months of 2021 after a record number of people have made dangerous trips through the English Channel on small boats so far this year. ..

If the number of intersections seen in July and August last year is repeated, the total number in 2020 (8,417) could be eaten within two months, PA news agency analysis shows. I will.

Authorities said the bill was about “sending a clear message to migrants who are thinking of paying smugglers for their dangerous and illegal trips to Britain.”

Priti Patel
Home Secretary Priti Patel will leave London’s 10 Downing Street on June 24, 2021. (Victoria Jones / Pennsylvania)

Patel said: “The nationality and border bill contains important steps to fix Britain’s broken asylum system. Our new immigration plan is fair but solid. Prevents system abuse and We welcome people through safe and legitimate routes while cracking down on illegal intrusions and related crimes. “

When the bill was announced, the Interior Ministry said, “People traveling to Britain on small boats are very likely to come from a safe European Union country where they could have claimed asylum.” ..

The agency further added, “In this case, they choose the UK as a destination that takes precedence over other destinations, rather than justifying them to seek evacuation at an early opportunity or to seek illegal entry into the UK. And an illegal route to get here. “

A conservative election manifesto promised to change the immigration system, the government described the asylum system as “broken” and “overwhelmed,” and vowed to reform the asylum system for some time.

In March, Patel announced that he called it “a review of the most important asylum system in decades” to “prevent illegal immigration into the UK” and hoped to “address illegal immigrants head-on.” He said he was.

Approximately 62% of all claims came from people who entered the UK “illegally”, with 42,000 asylum seekers still living in the UK, according to figures shared by the government at the time.

The changes brought about by the bill are the way people entered the UK (whether or not their arrival was legal) and their status in the UK if the claim was successful in dealing with subsequent asylum claims. Is set to take into account. The office said.

The Whitehall department added that attempts would also be introduced to prevent individuals from repeatedly making “useless” claims about asylum designed to delay their removal.

Steve Valdez-Symonds, Head of Refugee and Immigration Rights at Amnesty International UK, said: Do so, including a small boat that crosses the channel.

“Instead of deliberately forging misleading myths and truths about asylum and migration, the Interior Ministry should establish a safe route here for the few who escape the persecution that seeks asylum.”

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