The UK says the exact date for resuming a trip to the United States is still unknown

On January 18, 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic epidemic in London, England, travelers will walk in the arrival area as stricter rules for international travelers begin. (Henry Nichols / Reuters)

London — UK Transport Minister Grant Shapps said on Friday that beyond the guidance in early November, there is still no exact date the United States will open for travelers from the UK.

The lack of clarity of the opening of the United States remains on the UK trip after Chaps promised to abolish the expensive PCR test requirements for a fully vaccinated UK arrival in the coming days. It’s one of the last barriers.

“I don’t allow it,” Shaps said in Sky News when asked if the United States had a specific date to allow British people to enter.

Transatlantic bookings by airlines such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have surged following the US announcement in September, but with no further clarification and dates may be postponed. There is growing concern.

Mr. Chaps said he was in contact with the U.S. counterpart and the U.S. ambassador on the matter, and that the U.S. still wanted to move on, but was to consider expertise in how to do it. ..

“They are still telling me in early November,” he later told Times Radio.

Chaps, which abolished strict COVID-19 hotel quarantine requirements in dozens of countries on Thursday, soon announced that it would allow cheaper lateral flow testing for arrival in the country, with new rules in October. He said it would take effect by the 22nd.

“We expect it to be ready for the half year,” he said, referring to the upcoming school break.

Airlines and travel agencies have asked travelers to allow cheap COVID-19 testing for several months. More expensive tests add hundreds of pounds to family holidays, stating that demand is weakening.

Mentioning recent rule changes, British Airways CEO Shawn Doyle said, “I feel like I can see the light at the end of a very long tunnel.”

But he said he had more to do. He called for a complete abolition of the test for fully vaccinated travelers, as well as a solid date for the United States to reopen.

Sarah Young