The UK wants to vaccinate all adults before sharing the vaccine with other countries

London — The UK will focus on vaccination of the entire adult population before providing surplus shots to other countries such as neighboring Ireland, UK Business Minister Kwasi Kwaten said Tuesday.

By the end of July, more than 30 million British people received the first COVID-19 shot in Europe’s fastest vaccine deployment, with the goal of providing shots to all adults.

However, the UK has found that its vaccination program is publicly involved with the much slower European Union over dose supply.

“I think our focus needs to be to keep the UK safe. We want to work with other countries, but our top priority is to get the vaccine deployment. “Kwarteng told Sky News.

He said Britain was working with European countries to ensure that their population was vaccinated, which was not a “competitive situation.”

However, when asked if the UK could support Ireland, he said, “If you have a surplus of vaccine, you can share it, but at this point there is no surplus, so the number of vaccinations is still high. There is. “

The UK has agreed to buy tens of millions of shots from many suppliers, and on Monday GlaxoSmithKline plans the final part of the process of manufacturing up to 60 million Novabax vaccines for use in the UK. Announced the details of.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is one of 23 leaders who supported the idea of ​​creating an international treaty on Tuesday to help the world work together to address future health emergencies.

“Today we are at stake. We need to focus on dealing with it in our own country and keeping people safe so that we can return to our normal lifestyle. Is absolutely correct, “Kwarten said.

By Guy Faulconbridge and Michael Holden