The UK’s 26-year-old died of COVID jab complications following outdated advice

A study found that a 26-year-old British man who died from complications of the AstraZeneca covid vaccine was provided with old information about the risk of brain clots.

A week-long inquest on the death of Jack Khan on May 27 recorded the verdict of the story. That is, the coroner records only the facts, without determining who is causing what.

According to coroners, Hurn was informed that the risk of thrombotic complications was one-fifth of the actual official guidance at the time.

Hahn died less than two weeks after receiving the jab in the West Midlands last June. He became ill eight days after the jab and died in the hospital on June 11 despite emergency surgery.

At that time, official medical guidance required that patients under the age of 40 be provided with an alternative to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Guidance stated that patients can make “informed choices” to advance AstraZeneca’s shots.

But in the case of Hahn, according to Coroner, he was falsely informed about the risks. According to the guidance at the time, his GP said that the risk of blood clots was 1 in 250,000, not 1 in 50,000.

Coroners have heard that they have decided to continue with AstraZeneca after being told that the vaccination hub is out of stock of Pfizer jabs.

Emma Brown, a regional prosecutor in Birmingham, said there was no doubt that Hahn had “on board” a statement that the risk was one in 250,000.

She advised at the time that the Joint Vaccine and Immunization Commission should provide an alternative to AstraZeneca for adults under the age of 40 without underlying disease, which is “an informed choice. If you do, you can advance AstraZeneca.

“Jack wasn’t given all the information to make an informed choice,” she said. “Especially the risk of complications in his age group was modest.”

In a statement, Hahn’s family said: Our family is by no means perfect without him, and we are still struggling to accept his death.

“What Jack wanted to do in his life was to be a model son, a model brother, a loyal partner, a lot of best friends, a good citizen, and the best he has ever done.

“This week’s cause of death hearing was painful, but it helped us to better understand what happened at both the Vaccine Clinic and the Redditch and Birmingham hospitals.”

“But it was clear that there were failures, delays, and contradictions, which meant that Jack wasn’t given the level of care we wanted to receive.”

A spokesman for NHS England in the Midlands said, “Many immediate actions have been taken as a result of the incident, and we will continue to work with our partners on the discovery of Coroner.”

PA contributed to this report.

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